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About the FBRL

The Fanciers Breeder Referral List (FBRL) is the largest and oldest dedicated cat breeder referral service on the World Wide Web. Created in November 1994 by a cat breeder for cat breeders, the FBRL has devoted itself exclusively to the pedigreed cat since that time.

About Me

The FBRL is run entirely by one person -- me (Barbara French). I bred Somalis for ten years under the CFA cattery name Tarantara, but suspected cat allergies forced me out of breeding and showing. Years later I discovered my allergy isn't to cats; I have a severe dust allergy, and it was the dusty show halls that I was reacting to so badly. I never stopped owning cats, but after I got out of breeding, I only kept a few as pets. I always have at least one pedigreed cat and one rescue cat at any given time. In addition to Somalis, I have also owned and showed a Javanese, Norwegian Forest Cat, Turkish Van, and Scottish Fold.

I was also a regular feature writer for CATS Magazine, and have published articles, mostly centering on pedigreed cats and related subjects, in several other cat-related magazines and journals.

I have a master's degree in instructional design from Syracuse University. In addition to running the FBRL, I possess federal and state licenses to band hawks, owls, and falcons through Braddock Bay Raptor Research. I am also an active genealogist.

About the FBRL feline staff

The other "staff members" of the FBRL are my morale officers:

JacksonJackson: In 2012, a Maine Coon boy, Big Tree Cat Stonewall Jackson (right, born May 2012), joined the staff. I have known his breeders Joe and Jean Lentner for many years and, after deciding Goblin needed a friend, I approached them about acquiring a kitten. I chose a Maine Coon because at the time, we had a rescue cat named Goblin who was very anxious and fearful, and he needed a laid-back breed to bond with. Jackson, a brown tabby and white boy, has turned out to be just the best buddy for him (Goblin sadly passed away from bone marrow cancer in 2016).

Jackson was born with a malformed left front leg which is too short to be anything other than a little "chicken wing". His problem is not genetic, but rather a congenital mutation resulting in a condition known as unilateral radial hemimelia (if it was a heritable problem, it would affect both legs, not just one). Put simply, he is completely missing the lower bones on that one leg. I hope my experiences accommodating his admittedly short list of special needs may help others with similar situations. I hate to call him "disabled" in any way, because he doesn't know he's any different, nor does it seem to slow him down much.

MollyMolly: Molly was added in March 2013, a second Maine Coon girl from Big Tree Cat (born December 2012). Molly is also Jackson's niece; Jackson's precocious littermate Tip managed to get two females pregnant at age four months, before he was neutered at six months!

Molly may be the second youngest, but she's the queen of the entire house. She rules the boys with an iron paw, and accepts affection on her own terms.

CliveClive: Clive joined us on December 30, 2014. Originally named Conrad, Clive was one of four black and white domestic shorthair kittens dropped off at a local no-kill shelter at only 4 weeks of age, without their mother. He had a rough start in life, with a series of upper respiratory infections and a cured case of ringworm before he came to live with us at just over five months of age.

Possibly as a result of those early illnesses, Clive is petite -- or maybe with two Maine Coon siblings, he just looks that way! Very affectionate, playful, and too smart by half, Clive puts his own stamp on the FBRL offices.

AliceAlice: Our final staff addition joined us on January 19, 2017. Alice is a brown mackerel tabby and white domestic shorthair born in March 2005 who belonged to my mother and stepfather, both of whom suffered some health reversals in late 2016. They decided that with their growing mobility issues that Alice was in danger of being tripped over and injured, so I offered to add her to my cat tribe.

She is a healthy senior cat who doesn't know the meaning of acting her age. Sweet, personable and loving, Alice decided her first day that my office is her office, but she will let me work there for the time being.

History of the FBRL

The list started as a simple cross-reference on the old Fanciers web site in connection with the original Fanciers e-mail list, but quickly grew into a popular breeder referral system. In 1998 the FBRL struck out on its own (partly due to the fact that it was so popular it outgrew its free hosting, partly due to the 20-30 hours per week I was now devoting to keep this huge service going) and became a paid advertising service. In May 2002 I was able to make the important step of quitting my "day job" to devote my full-time attention to the FBRL.

Other information

Today the FBRL averages more than 2 million monthly page views and has high standing on all the popular search engines, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

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