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FBRL Bookstore

Welcome to the FBRL Bookstore, in conjunction with

I have selected books in several different categories which I think will make a good addition to any cat lover's library. I do not offer all cat books available; books are selected based on overall good reviews and/or my own opinion of it. Many of these books I own myself and use regularly.

There are currently book recommendations available in the following categories:

Breed Books

General cat breed books. If you are looking for books about specific breeds, go to the FBRL Breed Page and click on the breed you are interested in. Breed specific books are listed on the breed description pages.


Everything from informative DVDs, to entertaining videos both for cats AND the people who love them.

Health and Behavior Books

Veterinary guides and behavior books

August 2012: I am updating the bookstore and will soon have new selections for General books. I will also have a selection of 2013 cat calendars available. There are already breed specific calendars linked under Burmese, Maine Coon, Persian, Ragdoll, and Siamese breed pages.

Please note that the Amazon images do not work with the Firefox browser. If you use Firefox, please use this page to access the bookstore.

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