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FBRL: Abyssinian Breeders (Canada)

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Canadian Breeders


Name: Dr. Y. Vinton
Cattery: A1 Xquisicats (CCA, CFA)
Location: Toronto/Hamilton area. Also Florida.
Notes: Grand Champion lines. Written health guarantee. Ruddy, red, blue and fawn.

Breeder's Statement: Raised in the home. Our cats are helpful with all household chores, and sometimes act like flying monkeys! They love to cuddle and snuggle...even play fetch. Spayed/neutered, fully vaccinated, dewormed, registered, 1-year supply of Feline Heartgard. Health certificate, health guarantee, with a written contract. Stud service available. We are downsizing, so we have some studs and breeding females available as well.

Contact A1 Xquisicats Abyssinians by:

Mail to  Email:
Phone  Cell/Mobile: 352-636-1545
Paw  Visit the Cattery:

Renewal month: November

Photo © Preston Smith

Listed 10+ Years!


Name: Isabelle Ricard
Cattery: Shinkara (CCA, CFA)
Location: South shore of Montreal
Notes: Grand Champion lines. Regional, Breed Winner, and National Winner lines. Supreme Grand Champion lines. European Champion lines. Distinguished Merit lines. Imported lines. Pet cats/kittens altered prior to placement. Written sales contract. Written health guarantee with genetic health guarantee. Veterinary health certificate provided at time of sale. FeLV and FIV negative. Screen for PK deficiency. Ringworm free. Ruddy, red, blue and fawn.
Works with other breeds: Ocicat

Breeder's Statement: Since 1995, our main objective has been to offer you not only an exceptionally beautiful cat, but an extraordinary companion with a great loving personality! Our Abyssinians and Ocicats live in harmony. They are considered whole family members and share our everyday life. Visitors often call our home a CAT'S PARADISE! Love and attention are essential: holding them in our arms, giving them tummy rubs, stimulating them at a very young age is part of our way of raising very sociable and affectionate little beings! The health of our cats is also essential to us. We consider a healthy diet to be the foundation for long term, excellent health. Every cat that was introduced in our breeding program was carefully picked and screened to be free of genetic disease.

Contact Shinkara Abyssinians by:

Mail to  Email:
Phone  Telephone: 450-247-0225
Paw   Visit the Cattery:

Renewal month: June

Listed 5+ Years!

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