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FBRL: Persian Breeders (U.S. States K-M)

Locations: Click a location below to find listings. With some breeder listings, this may take you to another page due to the number of breeders listed. All breeders are listed first within their location, and then in alphabetical order by breeder surname.

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United States Breeders


Photo Name: Renee Livingston
Cattery: #1 Cattitude (CFA, TICA)
Shipping? We will accept pickup or deliver person-to-person.
Notes: Grand Champion lines. Pet cats/kittens sold with altering agreement. Written sales contract. Written health guarantee with genetic health guarantee. Veterinary health certificate provided at time of sale. Screen for PKD. FeLV and FIV negative. White, dilute, and calico.
Works with other breeds: Egyptian Mau, Himalayan

Contact #1 Cattitude Persians by:

Mail to  Email:
Phone  Telephone: 316-772-2243
Cell Phone  Cell/Mobile: 620-947-2243
Paw   Visit the Cattery:

Renewal month: January


Photo Name: Claudia Moore
Cattery: Connaught (CFA)
Shipping? We will accept pickup or deliver person-to-person.
Notes: Grand Champion lines. Distinguished Merit lines. Veterinary health certificate provided at time of sale. Ringworm free. Written health guarantee. Cats guaranteed FeLV-negative. PKD-tested cattery. FIV negative. Pet cats/kittens sold with altering agreement. Black, red, tortoiseshell, red tabby and brown tabby. Member, CFA Breed Council.

Contact Connaught Persians by:

Mail to Email:
Paw Visit the Cattery:

Renewal month: March

Listed 10+ Years!


Photo Name: Judith Neall
Cattery: Purfect Gift (CFA)
Location: Anne Arundel County
Notes: Grand Champion lines. Pet cats/kittens sold with altering agreement. Written sales contract. Screen for PKD. Calico, bicolor, tabby bicolor and occasional solids and particolor.

Contact Purfect Gift Persians by:

Mail to  Email:
Paw   Visit the Cattery:

Renewal month: June


Photo Name: John Hiemstra
Cattery: Wenlock (CFA)
Location: Northville
Notes: Grand Champion lines. Regional and National Winner lines. Solid, particolor, tabby and bicolor. Member, CFA Persian Breed Council.
Works with other breeds: Cornish Rex, Tonkinese

Breeder's Statement: We breed Tonkinese, Persians and Cornish Rex. Wenlock cattery has produced many Regional and National winning cats and kittens. We breed only with our top wining cats. We do take reservations. inquires are welcome.

Contact Wenlock Persians by:

Mail to  Email:
Phone  Telephone: 248-349-1588(evenings)

Renewal month: June

Listed 10+ Years!


Photo Name: Sue Johnson
Cattery: Oh So Cute (CFA)
Location: Unionville
Notes: Written health guarantee, Pet cat/kittens sold with altering agreement. Genetic health guarantee, Ringworm free. White, red, cream, bluecream, black smoke, tortoiseshell, bicolor, shaded silver, golden, silver, bicolor, and blue smoke. Traditional face type.
Works with other breeds: Himalayan

Breeder's Statement: Our kittens are known worldwide for their exceptionally sweet and affectionate personalities as well as their designer looks and pristine quality. We specialize in the adorable Doll Face Persians & Himalayans in a rainbow of colors. By adopting one of our kittens you are purchasing more than twenty years of knowledgeable expertise and that you are in the hands of a cattery where our pride and passion become your peace of mind. Shop and adopt with assurance! All current available kittens can be seen on our website.

Contact Oh So Cute Persians by:

Mail to  Email:
Phone  Telephone: 660-947-4287
Paw   Visit the Cattery:

Renewal month: August

Listed 10+ Years!

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