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  • C Abyss, Carole and Ed Bodnovich, Ohio. Breed(s): Abyssinian
  • Caesarheadcoon, Dana Oxner, South Carolina. Breed(s): Maine Coon
  • CaliCats, Mary Thorsness, California. Breed(s): Maine Coon
  • Cameowcoons, Catz-Azz, Kathleen Gagnon, New Hampshire. Breed(s): Maine Coon
  • Camerise, Judith Leonard, Massachusetts. Breed(s): Norwegian Forest Cat
  • Cameronwoods, Mary Turcotte, California. Breed(s): Maine Coon
  • Can Too, Patricia Jackson, Nebraska. Breed(s): Maine Coon
  • CandyJar, Susan Thomas, Minnesota. Breed(s): Himalayan, Persian
  • CanyonKatz, Dorothy Utech, Florida. Breed(s): Abyssinian
  • Cappa-Madore, Cindy and Terry Madore , M-Pawz, MPawz, New York. Breed(s): Maine Coon
  • Caradoc, Bonnie Cresse, Utah. Breed(s): British Shorthair
  • Caravanserai, Pat Chapman, Texas. Breed(s): Turkish Van
  • Carchet, Carole McFadden and Chet Walborn, Idaho. Breed(s): Chartreux
  • Caricature, Sharyn and Sig Hauck, Connecticut. Breed(s): Bombay, Burmese
  • Carmelkats, Jenny Nelson, Arkansas. Breed(s): Burmese, Khao Manee, Thai
  • Carolina Blues, Carol Gagatch, North Carolina. Breed(s): Siamese
  • Carolinafelines, Glen Kansanback, South Carolina. Breed(s): Maine Coon
  • Carriecats, Carriekatz, Carrie Williams, Illinois. Breed(s): Exotic, Persian
  • Casago, Bert Goldberg, Arizona. Breed(s): Somali
  • Catalpa, Leslie Herman, Virginia. Breed(s): American Shorthair
  • Catastery, Gena Garton, Wisconsin. Breed(s): Japanese Bobtail
  • Catequil, Lynn Landers Dickinson, Iowa. Breed(s): Norwegian Forest Cat
  • Catgo, Marilyn McBane, Pennsylvania. Breed(s): Maine Coon
  • Catiators, Anne McCulloch, West Virginia. Breed(s): Ocicat
  • Catlove, Tonia Hopkins, New York. Breed(s): Snowshoe
  • Cats Be Me, Mel Hellman, California. Breed(s): Exotic
  • Cats Cradle, Kenna Broadbent, Massachusetts. Breed(s): Colorpoint Shorthair, Oriental Shorthair, Siamese
  • Catscreation, Renee Kennedy, Florida. Breed(s): Persian
  • Catsoftara, Kathie Hunt, Minnesota. Breed(s): American Curl
  • Catta Blanca, Teresa Rogers, California. Breed(s): Sphynx
  • Cattails, Susan Siebecker, Wisconsin. Breed(s): Cornish Rex
  • Catz-Azz, Cameowcoons, Kathleen Gagnon, New Hampshire. Breed(s): Maine Coon
  • CatzR4me, Bobbie Munro, South Carolina. Breed(s): Exotic, Himalayan, Persian
  • Cedarcroft , Marge Jacobsen-Taylor, Ontario. Breed(s): Exotic, Himalayan, Persian
  • Chamsey, Robin Bryan, Illinois. Breed(s): European Burmese
  • Chanson Bleu, Judith E. Belden, New Hampshire. Breed(s): Chartreux
  • Chantalle, Pam Morrison, Massachusetts. Breed(s): Bombay, Burmese
  • Chapt de Laxion, Gaëlle GD Dumy, France. Breed(s): Abyssinian, Bengal, Norwegian Forest Cat, Ragdoll
  • Charjanie, Carole Young, Ohio. Breed(s): Siamese
  • Charm, Patricia Swihart, Ohio. Breed(s): Burmese, European Burmese
  • Chat-Awhile, Jean Clark, Pennsylvania. Breed(s): Siamese
  • Chateau Bir, Ann Street, Kansas. Breed(s): Birman
  • Chemicoons, Liz Hansen, Illinois. Breed(s): Maine Coon
  • CherMa'Ki, Cheryl Matteo-Kerney, Darren and Noah Kerney, Virginia. Breed(s): Siamese
  • Cherdens, Sandra Madsen, British Columbia. Breed(s): Exotic, Persian
  • Cherishabuls, Cathy Wodzinski, Illinois. Breed(s): Himalayan, Persian
  • Cheruburm, Sharyn Schroeder, Colorado. Breed(s): Burmese
  • CheshirSmile, April Parmelee, California. Breed(s): British Shorthair, Scottish Fold
  • Cheshirelady, Galina Benko, Washington. Breed(s): British Shorthair
  • Cheshiresmile, Marina Boss, New York. Breed(s): British Shorthair, Scottish Fold
  • Chez Chat, Phil Morini, California. Breed(s): Siamese
  • Chibicats, Tiegan Suits, North Carolina. Breed(s): Devon Rex, Singapura
  • Chirpy Cats, Jennie and Anthony, Missouri. Breed(s): Egyptian Mau
  • Chisholmtrail, Alexandra Chisholm, California. Breed(s): Ocicat
  • CJPaws, Cynthia and Joe Kasper, Ohio. Breed(s): Maine Coon (Ohio)
  • Citizenkat, Emily Greene, Pennsylvania. Breed(s): Sphynx
  • Clarick, Celestia Wright, Ohio. Breed(s): Devon Rex
  • ClassicCool, Donna and Tony Wiedemeier, New Jersey. Breed(s): Maine Coon
  • Cleokat, Pat Gallagher, California. Breed(s): Persian
  • Cloud City, Dr. Lynn Tennyson, Colorado. Breed(s): Siamese, Thai
  • Co-Star, Ginger Mende, Michigan. Breed(s): Cornish Rex
  • Cobbiecat, Carole Lennon, Maryland. Breed(s): Himalayan
  • CocoBana, Jennifer Petrillo, Pennsylvania. Breed(s): Bengal
  • Codycats, Maryrose and Greg Sanchez, Massachusetts. Breed(s): Maine Coon
  • Columbleu, Sherrie Zabriskie, Maryland. Breed(s): Chartreux
  • Congocoons, Mitzi H. Guess, Alabama. Breed(s): Maine Coon
  • Connaught, Claudia Moore, Maryland. Breed(s): Persian
  • Conyers Cat, Beth Polstra, Georgia. Breed(s): Maine Coon
  • Coon Shadow, Terra Tilley, Illinois. Breed(s): Maine Coon
  • CoonPals, Michele Dawn Manieri, Florida. Breed(s): Maine Coon
  • CoonPlay, Laura and Barry Tipton, Colorado. Breed(s): Maine Coon
  • Coonalley, Elaine Magee, New Jersey. Breed(s): Burmilla, Maine Coon
  • Coonhusker, Debbi Northrop, Texas. Breed(s): Maine Coon
  • Coonorama, Frederick Duane, South Carolina. Breed(s): Maine Coon
  • Coonport, Nancy A. McKee, Vermont. Breed(s): Maine Coon
  • Coopercatz, Shari Cooper, South Carolina. Breed(s): Ragdoll
  • Cordero, Kristle, KrissyCats, Texas. Breed(s): Scottish Fold, Scottish Shorthair
  • Cormier, Debra Mehrtens, Florida. Breed(s): Persian
  • Corn-Bred , Anni J. Dhir, Minnesota. Breed(s): Cornish Rex
  • Cougars Den, Jen Davis, Texas. Breed(s): Abyssinian
  • CowboyClaws, Linda Usher, Louisiana. Breed(s): Peterbald
  • Crisp, Jerry and Dawn Crisp, North Carolina. Breed(s): American Shorthair
  • Croshka, Kathy Wade, Georgia. Breed(s): Siberian
  • Crystalfjord, Vicki Edwards, Maryland. Breed(s): Norwegian Forest Cat
  • Cuddle-Paws, Debra Evans, Pennsylvania. Breed(s): Himalayan, Persian
  • Cumbercoon, Betty Ingraham, Tennessee. Breed(s): Maine Coon
  • Cumbrescoons, Rhonda Wenrich, Pennsylvania. Breed(s): Maine Coon
  • Curl Essence, Linda Bull, California. Breed(s): American Curl
  • Curlykatz, Elizabeth Bolen, North Carolina. Breed(s): Devon Rex, Singapura
  • Cylin, Cynthia Linner, West Virginia. Breed(s): Tonkinese
  • Cynful, Cynthia Wagner, Florida. Breed(s): Russian Blue
  • Czarcatz, Jewllz, Karen Godwin, Louisiana. Breed(s): Chartreux, Russian Blue



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