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FBRL: Disciplinary suspensions

I cannot police breeders. However, I do try to follow up on complaints, and there are some few cases under which I have stopped listing breeders.

I will and have permanently de-listed breeders from the FBRL for the following reasons:

  • proven cases of unethical breeding practice in which cats are harmed and/or in danger. Usually requires submission of veterinary paperwork. Examples include selling sick and/or infested kittens in cases where the breeder knew the kitten was sick and/or infested at the time of the transfer.
  • the breeder is put under disciplinary suspension from any major cat registry or from any other major animal registry, such as AKC. Even if the disciplinary suspension is temporary with the association, the breeder is permanently barred from the FBRL. If you have ever been suspended, don't bother signing up. (Only exception to this is if the person was suspended from TICA for an uncollected bad check. This is the only association I know who does this; please discuss this with me before signing up if this is your situation).
  • The breeder has engaged in proven fraudulent behavior of misrepresenting himself or his cattery to others. This includes providing false information for an FBRL listing and taking copyrighted photographs from other breeders to represent the cats as your own. The list is only as good as the trustworthiness of the ads, so this is an area where I have VERY little tolerance.
  • The breeder has had animals confiscated by their local animal control agency for proven violations of hygiene, animal welfare, and/or animal cruelty.
  • The breeder has been arrested and convicted of a crime that was either directly animal related, such as animal abuse, or has been convicted of a lower charge where the root cause was animal related (such as plea bargaining an animal cruelty charge to something such as "disorderly conduct"). Successful lawsuits for sale of sick kittens also count in this category.
  • The breeder has been proven to be purposely breeding and selling mixed-breed cats.
  • The breeder is engaging in the sale and/or brokering of wild (non-domestic) animals.
  • The breeder is selling cats through a pet store or online auction (see below).
  • These represent only some of the cases presented and does not constitute an exhaustive list of offenses that may merit expulsion.

I have ejected a few breeders for other reasons. There are other circumstances under which I may choose to remove a breeder from the FBRL. These are handled on a case-by-case basis and usually have involved a blatant violation of the rules of this list. I do investigate these as well as I can; there have been many cases of complaints against breeders which have proven to be unfounded or greatly exaggerated. I will make every effort to be fair. However, there are certain serious circumstances in which immediate dismissal is the only ethical action I feel I can take. I have the legal right to refuse service when I feel the customer no longer represents the best interests of the FBRL.

Any breeder selling a cat through a pet store or through an online auction is subject to immediate and permanent dismissal. This practice is totally unacceptable for selling cats, as both pet stores and online auctions sell only to any individual with sufficient money or to highest bidder and do not take into account the suitability of the home. Online auctions even make it clear that the result of the auction is legally binding, and this does not give the breeder an opportunity to screen a home properly. I do monitor auction sites for such activity.

If a breeder is de-listed for disciplinary reasons, he or she will receive, at that breeder's written request, a full refund of the unused portion of the yearly subscription price. Refunds are not given without a written request. The breeder will not be allowed to re-list with the FBRL at any time in the future.

For more information on filing a complaint, go to the Filing A Complaint FAQ.

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