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Submitting a photo for your FBRL listing

Table of Contents

Photos on your listing

You can have one photo with your regular line listing. An example of what that looks like follows:

PhotoName: Jane and John Doe
Cattery: Mycattery (CFA)
Location: Metropolis
Notes: Grand Champion lines. Distinguished Merit lines. Written health guarantee. Red and ruddy. Cats guaranteed FeLV and ringworm free. Genetic health guarantee.

Contact Mycattery by:

Mail to  Email:
Fax  FAX: 555-222-2111

You may have one photo per line listing. This means that if you work with three different breeds, you may have three photos -- one photo on each of your listings. If you breed Exotics, Himalayans, and Persians, you may have an Exotic photo on your Exotic listing, a Himmy picture on your Himmy listing, and a Persian picture on your Persian listing. However, if you only breed Persians, you could not have three different Persian pictures on your one Persian listing.

Why? Simple. That's what fits. Also, if I allowed people to have as many photos as they wanted, pages would take days to load instead of seconds.

How much does it cost? Can I change to a photo listing in the middle of my subscription period?

There is no additional charge for photos. One photo per breed is included in a standard listing.

I ask you do not change your photo more than once a year. Otherwise I'll be doing nothing but rotating people's photographs. I don't charge extra for changing photos, but it is a time consuming process. Choose wisely!

Photos may not appear the same day as a new listing. I do photos separately and do post them nearly every business day, so it may follow a new listing by 1-2 business days.

Will you scan a photo for me?

I do not offer a photo scanning service. Photos must already be in electronic format. If you do not own a scanner, many office supply stores provide this service.

What kind of photo should I choose?

I have written some tips on how to choose the best photo for this format. You can read my Photo Selection Tips if you're not sure.

Do you edit photos?

I fix photo problems free of charge. This includes red-eye, damaged photos, and color correction. I don't promise miracles, though. If you send me a really awful photo that I just cannot fix, I will ask for a replacement. A bad photo doesn't represent your cattery well and doesn't look good for the site as a whole.

I do edit out words on photos, such as cat names, titles, or cattery names. This is because words do not reduce well and end up looking like a blur, a mistake, or worse.

And yes, I can and will fix really bad red-eye -- here is an example of one of my better repair jobs (it only took about five minutes):


Before and After

(However, as I said, I am NOT a miracle worker; there are some photo problems I can't solve! But I will try my best.)

Submit your photo!

Click here to submit your photo to to the FBRL



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