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Retired Friends

Listing a Rescued Friend with Retired Friends

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What makes a Retired Friend© a Rescued Friend?

Rescued Friends is a program for listing cats who meet almost all the normal qualifications for Retired Friends, with some possible exceptions. Rescued Friends are pedigreed cats who have fallen on hard times and have been rescued from bad owners, homelessness, or neglect. They may or may not be of the breeding of their sponsor. They may not even have registration papers.

Selected pedigreed cat rescue groups may use this service to list featured cats -- you MUST talk to me about this before using this service. A service cannot list with the FBRL without being pre-approved.

Many breeders work with local rescue groups and agree to foster and place out cats of "their" breed. It may sometimes be hard to say whether a cat is strictly a purebred or not; this I must leave to breeders' judgment.

This is not a program for listing mixed-breed cats, cats of dubious origin, lookalikes, cats who are not behaviorally up to being pet cats, and cats who have communicable diseases or chronic health problems.

What is Rescued Friends not intended to be?

Rescued Friends is not, nor should it be considered, a "dumping ground" for undesirable cats. These cats should have the potential to be excellent, happy pets, but who would do better with the individual attention available in a good pet home. This is not a program for listing cats with degenerative and/or contagious medical conditions, such as cancer, FIP, or feline leukemia.

Do you accept every Rescued Friend listing request?

No. Each Rescued Friend is subject to review, and a decision is made based on the individual cat's profile. You need to be as clear and complete as possible when submitting Rescued Friend profiles. If you are not a current FBRL member, your case will require special consideration. I review these on a case-by-case basis, as Rescued Friends is the only place where I may accept cats that are not sponsored by an FBRL lister. I reserve the right to refuse to list a cat for any reason.

What extra information do you require for a Rescued Friend listing?

Rescued Friends requires the following complete information:

  • if the cat has valid registration papers
  • anything known about the cat's history and background

OK. I want to list a Rescued Friend. What do I do?

Please return the Retired Friends FAQ for information about how to submit a Retired/Special/Senior/Rescued Friend.



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