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What makes a Retired Friend a Special Friend?

Special Friends is a program for listing cats who meet all the normal qualifications for Retired Friends, but who have physical or medical needs that require lifetime medication, special consideration, or unusual accommodation. These are cats who would make wonderful pets and are basically healthy animals, but due to an injury or chronic problem, would not necessarily qualify for the regular Retired Friends program.

Please read the Retired Friends FAQ for information about the normal Retired Friends program.

This is not a program for listing cats with degenerative and/or contagious medical conditions, such as cancer, FIP, or feline leukemia.

Some examples of cats who would be good candidates for Special Friends:

  • totally or partially blind or deaf cats
  • a cat with diabetes, heart murmur, or other manageable chronic condition
  • cats with mobility problems who otherwise lead normal lives
  • cats who must be on special diets due to past problems
  • cats with asthma or allergies requiring medication or special diet
  • cats with chronic gingivitis requiring tooth brushing and/or routine dental care

Special Friends is not the place for listing cats who have what the owner considers "special needs" but what this service considers "normal accommodation". In other words, your cat's need to be an "only child" or the fact that your cat cannot stand dogs is not considered a "special need". List that with your regular Retired Friends listing.


What is Special Friends not intended to be?

Special Friends is not, nor should it be considered, a "dumping ground" for undesirable cats with behavior problems. These cats should have the potential to be excellent, happy pets, but who would do better with the individual attention available in a good pet home. This is not a program for listing cats with degenerative and/or contagious medical conditions, such as cancer, FIP, or feline leukemia.


Do you accept every Special Friend listing request?

No. Each Special Friend is subject to review, and a decision is made based on the individual cat's profile. You need to be as clear and complete as possible when submitting Special Friend profiles.


What extra information do you require for a Special Friend listing?

Special Friends requires the following complete information:

  • if the cat requires regular medication, and if so, what medication, how often, and expected costs
  • if the cat requires a special diet, and if so, what the cat's need is
  • a complete explanation of the nature of the cat's special need

FULL up front disclosure is required for Special Friends. (And yes, we have successfully placed many Special Friends over the years; there are many people who get special joy out of caring for a cat who truly needs extra special treatment).


OK. I want to list a Special Friend. What do I do?

Please return the Retired Friends FAQ for information about how to submit a Special Friend.



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