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Why list with the FBRL?

Service. The FBRL is my full-time job, so I can devote all my working time to its care and maintenance. Part of what you pay for with your $59.99 a year for basic service (that's only $5 a month) is my undivided attention. I update listings regularly, add pictures several times a week, and can respond to problems quickly. There are free services out there, but expect a longer turn-around time. I try to get to know my customers, and learn from them how I should improve service.

Knowledge and enthusiasm. I have bred Somali cats under the CFA cattery name Tarantara since 1991, although I had to give up breeding in 2003 due to allergies. I have shown cats extensively in several breeds, including Somalis, Javanese, Norwegian Forest Cats, Turkish Vans, and Scottish Folds. I talk to breeders constantly about what they need and what they are looking for. I understand the problems breeders face when presenting a public face to a world that includes animal rights activists and people who do not understand the realities of breeding and the good that cat breeders have done for cats in general. For several years I was a regular feature writer for CATS Magazine; many of my articles are reprinted in the Articles section. I'm a cheerleader around for the world of responsible pedigreed cat breeding and showing.

Respect for breeders and the breeds. I constantly rely on breeders as my main source of information about their breeds. Although I have worked with several breeds, I am not an expert on all cat breeds and what is going on with them. All of the breed descriptions, original to the FBRL, were written with considerable input from breeders who work with, love, and live with their chosen breed daily. I am happy to edit breed descriptions if there are changes that need to be reflected. Each photograph for the breeds has been selected carefully to represent the breed accurately and shine that breed in its most positive and beautiful light. Not only do I welcome input from breeders, I thrive on it and actively seek it out.

Privacy. You don't have to advertise any more information than you feel comfortable giving out. The only required contact information is your cattery name, your general location (state, province, or country if not US or Canada), and your e-mail address. Although I strongly prefer your name and last name, I have even left off this information for people who felt a need, due to life circumstances, to remove this data. You may list a telephone or fax number, but I do not allow listing home addresses, even if requested. Most people are not comfortable publishing this information, so in deference to them I prefer not to open up that "can of worms". The non-published information you give to me, such as billing data, will remain private and will never be given to anyone for ANY reason. Read the Privacy Statement linked to the end of every page for more information.

An excellent reputation. Since 1994, it has been my goal to provide the best information about the best catteries in the business. While I cannot police breeders, I do remove breeders for various reasons, including being suspended from cat registries, being convicted of animal cruelty, having had animals seized with cause from local animal control agencies, or having had repeated complaints about sick kittens. I also disallow breeders who purposely breed mixed breed cats, sell to pet stores, sell on online auctions, and sell exotic mammals for pet purposes. As a result, the FBRL has a reputation for being the best source for responsible breeders.

Proven results. More than half of all new catteries list as a result of a recommendation from a listed breeder. More than 95% of all catteries who join continue their subscription for multiple years. Many of my subscribers tell me that they have discontinued expensive magazine advertising, much of which costs for a month's listing what a year costs with the FBRL, because they get more and better quality queries from their FBRL listing. Some have even left the FBRL and tried free services, only to come back because they didn't get the results they got with the FBRL.

The Retired Friends service has been directly responsible for placing retired show cats in forever homes since 1996 and has helped raise awareness about the availability of retired show cats as a pet option. (In fact, the term "retired friend" to describe a retired show cat was coined by the FBRL and has entered popular terminology -- look around at cattery websites and you will see what I mean).

Longevity. The FBRL was founded in November 1994 and has been in continual operation ever since by the same owner. During that time I have seen more than twenty cat breeder referral services come and go, including the two that were in operation at the time the FBRL started (one folded altogether and the other converted to a popular cat community now owned by Petsmart, which unfortunately was discontinued in late 2003). The FBRL is not going away; it will be here for many years to come to serve the cat breeder population.

Focus. I am the ONLY successful long-standing service dedicated solely to cat breeders; I am not a general pet site and have no immediate plans to spread out, mostly because I do not know these communities as well as I know the cat breeders. I feel I can serve the cat breeders so well because I am part of this community.

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