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FBRL: Forms: Complaint against an FBRL Breeder

Please read the Filing a Complaint FAQ prior to filling out this form.

About you:

Your name:

Your e-mail address:

Your telephone number:

Your state, province, and/or country of residence:

This complaint is against:

FBRL-Listed Cat Breeder's name:
(if the person is not a cat breeder and is not listed with the FBRL, I can do nothing about the case, so please do not submit a complaint about them)

FBRL-Listed Cat Breeder's cattery name:

This problem involves the following case or situation (check all that apply):

Kitten/cat sick, injured, or unhealthy at time of sale
Kitten/cat developed an illness or was found to have problems after sale
Breeder has refused to offer proper financial recompense my problem
Breeder has been contacted but is not responsive to my concerns
Breeder has violated FBRL listing rules
Other (please specify below)

Nature of the problem (please be brief; include relevant dates if possible):

Did you sign any of the following with the breeder? Select all that apply:

Written sales contract

Written health guarantee

Have you contacted the breeder to resolve the problem?



If you have contacted the breeder, please relate what the breeder told you he/she would do about the problem.

Do you feel comfortable with me telling the breeder that you filed this complaint? (Please be aware that I may not be able to act on a complaint effectively if you prefer to remain anonymous).



How are you planning to send supporting documentation? Check all that apply.

Regular postal mail


I am not sending supporting documentation*

*Please note that I will not generally act on a complaint without supporting documentation. Emails between the individuals involved are not considered, in and of themselves, supporting documentation because they are too easy to falsify.

What outcome do you hope or expect? Select one.

This would be considered a substantial complaint to be counted against the breeder. I understand that the FBRL will almost never remove a breeder on a single complaint, but I want this to count as a "strike" if this is the first complaint against this individual.

The breeder is placed under warning from the FBRL.

No particular outcome expected; just submitted for your information. Use your own best judgment.


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