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The Himalayan cat breed has the stocky body type, long hair, and placid temperament of the Persian, but has the pointed pattern of the Siamese. The Himalayan started in the 1930s when breeders wanted to blend the body type of the Persian cat with the striking colorpoint markings of the Siamese.

(Note to pet buyers: The Siamese is not used in responsible Himalayan cat breeding programs and has not for decades. Anyone trying to sell "Siamese-Himalayan mixes", "Siamese-Persian mixes" or "Siamalayans" is attempting to sell mixed-breed cats, not true Himalayans).

Himalayan kittens are primarily bred in solid colorpoints, but lynx point (tabby point) Himalayans are gaining popularity. Many Persian cats carry the colorpoint trait but do not show it themselves, which is referred to as a "CPC" (colorpoint carrier). This distinction is irrelevant to a Himalayan pet buyer, but important knowledge for a Himalayan breeder.

The Himalayan personality is very docile, gentle, and calm, though they do enjoy play. "Docile" does not mean "inactive"! Their coats are long, luxuriant, and mat easily. Daily grooming is required to keep their coats free of painful mats.

In some associations, such as CFA, Himalayans are considered part of the Persian breed. In others, such as ACFA, TICA, or Catz (New Zealand), it is classified as a separate breed. In Britain, the Himalayan is known as the Colourpoint Longhair.

Associations: The Himalayan is accepted in all major cat registries. In many associations, the Himalayan cat is considered a color class of the Persian rather than as a separate breed.

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