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Litter Announcements: Balinese Kittens


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Balinese Breeders

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Balinese kittens are extremely busy, curious, and interactive. They also bore easily, so they should not be left alone for long periods of time; for this reason it may be best if kept with at least one other cat of a similar activity level. Balinese breeders breed these cats in colorpoint patterns only, including seal, chocolate, lilac, and blue; lynx (tabby) point, tortie point, red, and cream point are recognized as Balinese now but until recently were called Javanese in CFA. Balinese are semi-longhaired, but since their fine coats lack the undercoat that results in matting, they require little regular grooming, although they can develop small knots in their britches and tail if neglected.

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Photo Breeder Name: Linda Galloway
Cattery: Sacchidanand
Cattery Location: San Antonio, Texas

Litter born: 11-23-2015
Sire: SGC Balimoor Snowdrift of Sacchidanand (Blue Eyed White Oriental Longhair)
Dam: GC, RW Sacchidanand Precious Jewel D'Angel (Lilac Lynx Point)
Litter is/will be registered with: CFA
Kittens will be able to go to new homes on or after: 3-23-2016

About This Litter: Blue point males available (one may be lynx pt), Balinese in TICA registry, pointed Oriental longhair in CFA registry. Beautiful type for show, wonderful nature for pet. Good health. Indoor homes only, no declaw. Contract must be signed.

Contact Information for Sacchidanand

First posted: Dec 28, 2015
Listing expires: Mar 28, 2016





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