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Litter Announcements: Maine Coon


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Maine Coon Breeders

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Maine Coon kittens are gentle, loving, communicative, and playful, although they will mellow with age. Maine Coon breeders primarily work with tabby patterns, particularly classic and mackerel, though some breeders choose to work with the rarer bicolors and solid colors. Maine Coons are longhaired and require some grooming, particularly if they have full britches and tail.

Photo of Maine Coon kittens Copyright © Chanan.


Photo Breeder Name: Susan Embretson
Cattery: MaineSail
Cattery Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Litter born: 04-23-2017
Sire: DGC MaineSail Henry Morgan (Red Silver & White Mctabby)
Dam: CH Caesarheadcoon Marisa of MaineSail (Blue Silver Patched TabbY)
Litter is/will be registered with: TICA, CFA
Kittens will be able to go to new homes on or after: 07-14-2017

About This Litter: 3 silver tabby males, 1 red silver tabby male and 1 red silver tabby female

Contact Information for MaineSail

Listed until Sep 2, 2017



Photo Breeder Name: Marjorie and Philip Berger
Cattery: MaineVu
Cattery Location: Cartersville, Georgia

Litter born: 5-25-2017
Sire: LA, SGC Woodpile Muddy Waters of MaineVu (Brown Classic Tabby)
Dam: MTNest Yankee Rose of MaineVu (Black Tortie with White)
Litter is/will be registered with: TICA
Kittens will be able to go to new homes on or after: 8-17-2017

About This Litter: We have two beautiful brown classic torbie girls available. Photos coming soon!

Contact Information for MaineVu Maine Coons

Listed until Sep 14, 2017



Photo Breeder Name: Beth Polstra
Cattery: Conyers Cat
Cattery Location: Conyers, near Atlanta

Litter born: 05-04-2017
Sire: Envy-Meow Gunner of Conyers Cat (Brown Classic )
Dam: Grand Champion Sophia Loren of Conyers Cat (Brown Classic with White)
Litter is/will be registered with: CFA
Kittens will be able to go to new homes on or after: 07-29-2017

About This Litter: One brown classic with white male and one black and white tuxedo female available. Beautiful, healthy, well socialized kittens. Placed with contract and health guarantee. Raised underfoot. Never caged.

Contact Information for Conyers Cat

Listed until Oct 18, 2017



Photo Breeder Name: Cammy Franklin
Cattery: Wild Pride
Cattery Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Litter born: 2-27-2017
Sire: Wild Pride Raku (Silver tabby with white)
Dam: Wild Pride Nuvo Kiss (Cameo tabby with white)
Litter is/will be registered with: ACFA
Kittens will be able to go to new homes on or after: 5-8-2017

About This Litter: We have several beautiful female kittens available from this litter! Raised in a family environment with kids to play with and lots of love. Please see our website for updated photos and information!

Contact Information for Wild Pride

Listed until Aug 19, 2017


New Hampshire

Photo Breeder Name: Lynn Adams
Cattery: Peconic
Cattery Location: New Hampshire

Litter born: 02-23-2017
Sire: Redflannel Claude Hopper (Red Tabby)
Dam: Peconic Mehitabelle (Brown Tabby)
Litter is/will be registered with: CFA
Kittens will be able to go to new homes on or after:

About This Litter: Out of our litter of four, two patched female kittens are still available

Contact Information for Peconic

Listed until Aug 2, 2017


New York/Ontario

Photo Breeder Name: Sabrina Rehman
Cattery: SRcoons
Cattery Location: Fort Erie, Ontario Canada/Buffalo, New York

Litter born: 04-27-2017
Sire: GC Dotcom Ceaser of SRcoons (Red classic tabby with white)
Dam: CH Bailey Irish Cream (Brown patched tabby)
Litter is/will be registered with: CFA,CCA
Kittens will be able to go to new homes on or after: 07-15-2017

About This Litter: 3 red tabby boys, 1 brown classic female and 1 brown patched female

Contact Information for SRmainecoons

Listed until Aug 5, 2017


North Carolina

Photo Breeder Name: Patricia Clary
Cattery: Carolinameows
Cattery Location: Henderson, North Carolina

Litter born: 5-1-2017
Sire: CH Oliver Twist (Red Tabby)
Dam: CH Pandora Hope of Caroinameows (Solid Black)
Litter is/will be registered with: TICA
Kittens will be able to go to new homes on or after: 6-20-2017

About This Litter: This is a GORGEOUS litter of brown tabby and brown tabbies with white. They have lots of personality. Very friendly and love to PURR in your lap. They will be very LARGE cats just like their parents.

Contact Information for Carolinameows

Listed until Sep 28, 2017



Photo Breeder Name: Rick and Cindi Buettner
Cattery: MyLuckyStars
Cattery Location: Moore, Oklahoma

Litter born: 03-17-2017
Sire: Champion Islandcats Tritonof Dawntreader (Blue)
Dam: Champion Myluckystars Akahanas Cassiopeia (Blue Tortie)
Litter is/will be registered with: TICA
Kittens will be able to go to new homes on or after: 07-10-2017

About This Litter: The deepest blue boy and girl and a gorgeous cream male are available for their forever homes. The parents both have a rich blue coloring and their boning is incredible. Safe to say this litter produced some of the largest kittens we have ever had with beautiful conformation!

Contact Information for MyLuckyStars

Listed until Oct 18, 2017



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