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Litter Announcements: Norwegian Forest Cat Kittens

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Norwegian Forest Cat Breeders

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Norwegian Forest Cat kittens are gentle and loving with their families, but somewhat reserved with strangers. If raised with other breeds of cat, they may learn to mimic the traits of their friends. Norwegian Forest Cat breeders tend to favor tabby patterns with white. Norwegian Forest Cats require regular grooming and can be difficult to bathe, as their thick double coat is highly water resistant.

Photo of Norwegian Forest Cats Copyright © Chanan.


Photo Breeder Name: Celeste Morvay
Cattery: Spree
Cattery Location: South Florida

Litter born: 2-6-2015
Sire: GC Jogi Vom Hexenbrocken (Black Silver Classic Tabby - White)
Dam: Fisker's Genug Matilda Mother-FI (Black Amber Classic Tabby - White)
Litter is/will be registered with: TICA
Kittens will be able to go to new homes on or after: 6-1-2015

About This Litter: 2 Males and 1 Female; all 3 are Black Amber Classic Tabby- White. Color has been accepted in both TICA and CFA in Championship Now taking reservations.

Contact Information for Spree

First posted: Apr 24, 2015
Listing expires: Jul 24, 2015



Photo Breeder Name: Judith Leonard
Cattery: Camerise
Cattery Location: Southeastern Massachusetts

Litter born: 02-13-2015
Sire: TreTap Percy Lars (Black Silver Classic Tabby)
Dam: Forestdolls Starbust Galaxy (Brown Classic Torbie With White)
Litter is/will be registered with: TICA
Kittens will be able to go to new homes on or after: 05-08-2015

About This Litter: Beautiful litter of 5 kittens. The three that are available are 2 males, Red Classic Tabbies with white and one female, Black Silver Classic Torbie with White.

Contact Information for Camerise

First posted: Apr 29, 2015
Listing expires: Jul 29, 2015





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