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NebelungThe Nebelung cat breed is a modern re-creation of the longhaired Russian Blue cat, with its modern origins beginning in the mid-1980s. The foundation cats for the U.S. Nebelungs, Siegfried and Brunhilde, were born in 1984 and 1985. Although the longhaired Russian cat was exhibited in England over a century ago, it has not been part of the cat fancy until the latter part of this century.

The Nebelung is a slender cat with a medium-long, silky coat. At present, Nebelung kittens are most commonly found in traditional blue.

Like the Russian Blue, the Nebelung personality is affectionate and devoted, though they may be initially shy with strangers, particularly young children. Nebelung cats may take a little extra time to adapt to new homes.

The breed is quite rare.

Associations: The Nebelung breed is currently accepted in CFF and TICA and as a provisional breed in Catz.

Photo © Chanan

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