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Ojos Azules

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Ojos Azules (Spanish for "blue eyes") is a relatively new breed distinguished by blue eyes that are not linked to coat color. Blue eye color used to be found exclusively in either colorpoint or white cats, but in the Ojos Azules, blue eyes and odd-eyes are linked to any coat color.

While Ojos Azules kittens may be found in any color, white patching on the peripheral parts of the cat, particularly the tips of the feet and tail, are a common manifestation of the Ojos gene. Less white is considered most desirable, except in colorpoint, where the typical white peripheral tipping is necessary to illustrate that this is a true Ojos and not just a colorpoint manifesting non-Ojos blue eyes.

The Ojos is a medium-build cat, neither cobby nor Oriental-like in build. They are a pretty cat with a sweet expression, and the eyes should be large to show off the dramatic color.

This is an exceptionally rare breed.

Acceptance: Ojos Azules are accepted for Prelimary New Breed status by TICA.

Interesting breed fact: Ojos Azules in the United States descend from a New Mexican tortoiseshell cat named Cornflower, born in 1984.

Breed Information

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