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FBRL Premium Renewal: Part 1 - Your Information


  1. Do not use this form if you don't have a current listing If you are a previous subscriber but don't have a current listing, you will need to sign up as a new cattery.

  2. Do not use this form to update your listing. To update, use the Update Form.

  3. Lines marked with (required) are required to complete this form properly. If you do not fill out all required forms, this form will not remember your responses and you will have to start over. Be careful!


1. Your name (required):

2. Cattery name (required):

3. Primary e-mail address (required):

Type in entire Internet address. Examples:, Do not use any spaces. Separate multiple addresses with commas.

4. Evening telephone (required):

Only one number here, please. This number will NOT appear on your listing and is only included so I can call you with any questions I might have about your listing.

5. Breeder's Statement

If this is a new upgrade to Premium service, use this space to write the Breeders' Statement you wish to appear on your upgraded ad.

This is where you can say nearly anything you want about your cattery, as long as it is truthful and does not say anything negative about other breeders. May be edited for spelling, grammar, or length (750 char. maximum). You can draft it on this page to get character counts (opens in a separate window), then cut and paste it here.

6. How are you planning to pay? (required; check one):

Credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Discover)

Check or money order



7. If your credit card or PayPal address is not in the same name as the name listed above, please note it here so I can match the payment to the appropriate account. If it is the same as the name above, leave this blank: :

8. REGULAR MAIL RENEWAL REMINDER OPTION: If you would like to receive a reminder postcard by regular postal mail next year, in addition to an emailed reminder, please type out your mailing address below. This is a good option if you don't check your email regularly and you want make sure you don't miss renewal. Your mailing address is totally confidential and will NEVER be shared with anyone for any reason.

Street address/PO Box:

City, State, AND Postal/ZIP (please include all three!): :


You've completed Part 1 - Your Renewal Information. Please make sure all required information (labeled in red text) is filled in completely.