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Burmese cat
Retired Friends

Retired Friends


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Retired Friends lists spayed and neutered pedigreed adult cats retired from breeding and showing who are looking for new homes.

Each cat listing includes a detailed description of the cat, including birthdate, color, gender, home preferences, personality, whether the breeder will ship, and contact information. Many listings also include a picture.

Retired Friends has helped place 3,265 retired show cats (I only count ones placed as a direct result of listing and yes, I ask!). The FBRL was the first service on the Web to offer a retired adult placement service for showing/breeding altered cats. See the Retired Friends Gallery for pictures of some of the cats placed since April 2014!

Retired Friends cats are not free; be sure to ask breeders about adoption costs (as well as shipping costs if applicable). Costs are not listed here. This is a matter between the breeder and the buyer.

Search by Breed with Summary List: This shows what breeds are currently available through Retired Friends. Please be aware that not all breeds will have cats listed; listings are based on what FBRL breeders choose to list at any given time.

Add/Remove Retired Friends: If you are an FBRL-listed breeder or a pre-approved pedigreed rescue group and wish to add, change, or remove Retired Friends listings, this page links to all the necessary information and forms. If you are a rescue group and would like to seek permission to list Retired Friends here, please email me to discuss it.

Retired Friends Special Programs

You will see some cats sporting icons from our Special Placement Programs. These include:

Special FriendsSpecial Friends are cats who have a special medical or physical need. These cats do not have contagious conditions, but may need special diets, medication, or accommodation. Examples include blind or deaf cats, cats with minor physical disabilities, cats with allergies, or cats with noncontagious ailments such as a heart murmur.

Rescued FriendsRescued Friends are pedigreed cats sponsored by listed FBRL breeders who have been rescued from a bad situation or from a shelter. They may or may not have current registration papers and may need extra emotional support.

Senior FriendsSenior Friends are healthy pedigreed cats aged 8 or older. Senior Friends can be perfect companions for people looking for a quieter, more sedate cat who can still give many years of happiness and friendship.

And I'm not just the owner of Retired Friends ... I'm also a client!

(to steal a famous advertising slogan!)

I have successfully placed more than one of my own cats through Retired Friends. The latest was GP, RW Tarantara's Ambrflame, a nine-year-old Somali, whom I listed under the Senior Friends program. Just one day after his listing was posted on September 5, 2008, I was contacted by a woman who had been looking for an adult Somali. After talking to her, she proved to be a great match for "Streaker".

I started Retired Friends in 1996 out of frustration of finding a home for one of my earliest Somalis, a three-year-old male named Captain Kidd. There was little to no public awareness about retired adults as a pet option. Retired Friends has helped change this!

The Retired Friends cover cats: Tsunami, a solid white American Wirehair Special Friends alter, and Alli, a champagne Burmese spay, both placed in the fall 2014. See more in the Gallery!




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