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Retired Friends: Bengal

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Cat Breed Description

The Bengal cat is descended from crosses between wild Asian Leopard Cats and domestic shorthairs. While most commonly seen in the brown spotted tabby pattern, Bengal cats may also be found in the marbled pattern (classic tabby). Glittering refers to an effect on the coat that makes it looks as if the coat was sprinkled with glitter; rosetted refers to the spots forming distinct patterns, preferably with more than one color tone within the spot. Seal sepia, seal lynx, and seal mink, color patterns with a pale white or cream background, are popularly referred to as "snow" Bengals.

Well-bred Bengal cats are active, intelligent companions. Buyers should ask how many generations removed Bengal kittens are from wild blood; the best companion cats are at least four generations removed. Most pet Bengals are wild only in looks, not in personality. They do well with other pets their own size or larger, but due to their closeness to wild blood, they may not be as kind to small pets such as hamsters or small birds.

District of Columbia

Photo Cat's registered name: Fractal Candy O
Cat's call name: JJ
Breed: Bengal
Color: Brown Spotted Tabby
Date of Birth (mm/dd/yy): 05/07/2009
Sex: Female; spayed
Pet or show quality? Show
Registered with: TICA
Cat's location: Washington, District of Columbia
Home preferences: Adults-only household. 1 or 2 other cats OK; no dogs.
Homepage where cat can be seen: http://Fractal Felines-Bengal
Notes: JJ is a super chill cat, loves attention, wants to be your best buddy. She needs a stable home where there will not be constant change. She has had to be re-homed twice because of her owners' moving and not able to keep her. JJ is friendly, even with strangers. She loves to play but does not demand constant activity because she is a well-seasoned adult Bengal. So those of you out there who want the Bengal personality and fun with a little less chaos, JJ could be the girl for you. Although she would probably prefer to be the only pet in the household she has lived happily with one other cat--as long as she gets her own food bowl. JJ is very serious about her food!

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