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Burmese cat
Retired Friends

Retired Friends: Summary List

Scroll through this list to see a summary of all cats currently listed on Retired Friends. Cats with the flag have been posted within the past 10 days. Clicking on the breed name in the list takes you to that section of the summary page. Clicking the section title or a photo of a cat you're interested in will take you to that page.

Retired Friends Breeds Currently Listed

American Bobtail
American Shorthair
British Shorthair
Cornish Rex
European Burmese
Maine Coon
Norwegian Forest Cat
Oriental Shorthair
Russian Blue
Selkirk Rex

ABYSSINIAN Retired Friends List

California Red F
Indiana Ruddy F
Indiana Ruddy F
North Dakota Ruddy F
Ohio Fawn F

American Bobtail Retired Friends List

New York White F
New York White F


Arizona Silver Classic Tabby + Wh M
Arizona Silver Tabby F
Pennsylvania Brown Tabby and White F
Wisconsin Brown Classic Torbie + Wh

Bengal Retired Friends List

District of Columbia Brown Spotted Tabby F

Bombay Retired Friends List

Virginia Black F

British Shorthair Retired Friends List

Michigan Bluecream F
Michigan Blue F

Burmese Retired Friends List

Illinois Sable F
Washington (State) Red Sepia M
Washington (State) Cream Sepia M
Washington Red Sepia M

Cornish Rex Retired Friends List

Pennsylvania Black & White F

European Burmese Retired Friends List

Idaho Lilac F
Idaho Red M

Exotic Retired Friends List

Alabama Brown Classic Tabby + Wh M

Himalayan Retired Friends List

Alabama Flame Point M

LaPerm Retired Friends List

Pennsylvania Black And White F

MAINE COON Retired Friends List

California Blue Bicolor M
Georgia Silver F
Iowa Brown Classic Tabby/White M
Maryland Red Ticked Tabby M
New York Red Tabby M

norwegian forest cat Retired Friends List

North Carolina Black + Wh F
North Carolina Brown Tabby + Wh F
North Carolina Amber Tabby/White F
North Carolina Amber Silver Tabby M
North Carolina Amber Silver M
Texas Black and White M
Texas Brown Classic Tabby + Wh M

Ocicat Retired Friends List

Pennsylvania Lilac F
Pennsylvania Fawn Spotted M

Oriental Shorthair Retired Friends List

Kentucky Ebony Classic Tabby M
Texas Blue Ticked Tabby M

Persian Retired Friends List

Alabama Tortie F
California Blue + Wh Bicolor M

Russian Blue Retired Friends List

Maryland Blue F

Selkirk Rex Retired Friends List

California Red F

Siamese Retired Friends List

Kentucky Seal Point M
Kentucky Seal Point M
Pennsylvania Seal Point F
Pennsylvania Lilac Point M
Pennsylvania Lilac Point F

Siberian Retired Friends List

Maryland Silver Shaded with White F
Maryland Brown Mackerel Tabby + Wh F

Sphynx Retired Friends List

Iowa Bluecream Tortieshell F

Tonkinese Retired Friends List

New York Platinum Mink F


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