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Retired Friends

Retired Friends: Chausie

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Cat Breed Description

Chausie cats are bred in black, brown ticked tabby, and black grizzled tabby colors. The black grizzled tabby is a new exciting pattern that is unique to the Chausie breed and derives from its Jungle Cat ancestors.

The well-bred Chausie personality is sweet-natured, though extremely active, intelligent, and curious; they need plenty of playtime and toys to keep their active minds and paws busy. If not, they may find other things to entertain themselves. They are well known for learning to open doors, cupboards, or anywhere else they take a mind to explore.

WARNING: As a hybrid breed, Chausies are illegal to own in some states or municipalities in the United States. This is mostly due to badly-worded laws banning wild animal-domestic animal hybrids, which should not apply in these cases. Please check with this website to determine if your state is affected:

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