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Retired Friends: Maine Coon

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Photo Cat's registered name: Ch Cameronwoods Stormy Sky of Whitworth
Cat's call name: Stormy
Breed: Maine Coon
Color: Blue Mackerel Tabby
Date of Birth (mm/dd/yy): 03/04/2010
Sex: Male; neutered
Pet or show quality? Show
Registered with: CFA
Cat's location: San Jose, California
Will the breeder ship the cat? No
Notes: Stormy is a sweet, loving boy who now wants to hang around with you instead of looking for girlfriends. He has a very full shaggy coat which does require combing or he mats. He's VERY good about grooming, loves the attention. His picture can be viewed on Whitworth Maine Coons Facebook page under photos---> album "Stormy".

Contact Cornelia Whitworth by:

Mail to  Email:
Phone  Telephone: 408-373-6823
Listing Expires: October 1, 2014


Photo Cat's registered name: CJPaws Jensen
Cat's call name: Jensen
Breed: Maine Coon
Color: Red and White
Date of Birth (mm/dd/yy): 04/12/2013
Sex: Female; spayed
Pet or show quality? Pet
Registered with: CFA
Cat's location: Tavares, Florida
Notes: Jensen is a sweet loving cat. Very kitten like. Loves dogs and other cats.

Contact Cynthia Kasper by:

Mail to  Email:
Phone  Telephone: 352-508-5503
Listing Expires: August 18, 2014


Photo Cat's registered name: Wild Pride Amaretto Sweet
Cat's call name: Amaretto
Breed: Maine Coon
Color: Brown Classic Tabby
Date of Birth (mm/dd/yy): 09/12/2006
Sex: Female; spayed
Pet or show quality? Show
Registered with: ACFA
Cat's location: Iowa
Home preferences: Children of any age OK. 1 or 2 other cats OK; dogs OK.

Notes: Even though this girl has been a mother, she has also been our loving pet. She loves to sleep on the bed with the kids and she is affectionate. She has a dominant personality, but she will get along with other cats as long as they don't harass her. She probably won't play with other cats, but she will ignore them and do her own thing. Even though she doesn't want to play with the other cats, she can still play with toys like crazy! She acts like a kitten still if you get out a feather stick toy and shake it in the air for her. Amaretto gets along with kids and cat savvy dogs. She doesn't want to be chased constantly by a dog, but she doesn't mind their presence or if they come and investigate her. Her hair is easy to maintain with an occasional brushing. She does have some mild seasonal allergies that make her sneeze once in awhile, especially in the spring and fall. Medication is not needed, and they don't seem to bother her eating or functioning. She will be ready to go to a new home mid-May! Email or call for details.

Contact Cammy Franklin by:

Mail to  Email:
Listing Expires: October 18, 2014


Photo Cat's registered name: Grand Champion Moosecoons Wyanet
Cat's call name: Tammy
Breed: Maine Coon
Color: Tortie & White
Date of Birth (mm/dd/yy): 07/02/2012
Sex: Female; spayed
Pet or show quality? Show
Registered with: CFA
Cat's location: Westminster, Maryland
Home preferences: Children of any age OK. Other cats or dogs OK.
Homepage where cat can be seen:
Notes: Beautiful retired show girl! Can be shy with new people, but very loving and playful.

Contact Susan Blevins by:

Mail to  Email:
Listing Expires: January 8, 2015


Photo Cat's registered name: GC Damnynke William The Carpetbagger
Cat's call name: Willy
Breed: Maine Coon
Color: Brown Tabby
Date of Birth (mm/dd/yy): 07/03/2007
Sex: Male; neutered
Pet or show quality? Pet
Registered with: CFA
Cat's location: Northern Virginia
Will the breeder ship the cat? No
Home preferences: No younger children (0-5); older children OK. Dogs OK; no other cats.
Notes: Willy (and his sister Grace) were returned to us recently by the family who adopted them together over 5 years ago. Growing family demands and a new baby took too much time and they felt that the cats were not getting the attention they needed. Based on the fact that they were shaved to the skin due to matting when they were returned, I am inclined to agree. While Grace seems happy enough to settle in to our home, Willy is intolerant of the other cats and his presence has upset the balance of our household. We are retired from breeding and have an otherwise stable population of pets. Unfortunately, we have been unable to work the transition out and we are faced with having to rehome Willy again. He is a lovely boy who demands to headbutt excessively, standing up on his back legs to reach your hand if necessary. He is a lap sitter, a cuddler, and super affectionate. He is not phased by our large dog, so we feel he would be ok with a home with a cat friendly dog. But, aside from his sister, we are unsure how he would transition to a home with other cats. He has shown some bullying and stalking tendencies with some of our other cats. No one has been injured but the stress level is clearly increased. Willy gets along with his sister, Grace, and we will place them together if someone is interested in a pair. We will also place Willy as a single cat. Please ask for more information and photos.

Contact Traci Lovelace by:

Mail to  Email:
Phone  Telephone: Do not list a telephone number
Listing Expires: July 30, 2014



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