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Retired Friends: Oriental Shorthair

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Cat Breed Description

Oriental Shorthair cats are like the Siamese in body type and personality. The two breeds share long, fine-boned legs and tails, tubular bodies, wedge-shaped heads and large ears. Oriental Shorthairs are sometimes nicknamed "Ornamentals" because they can be bred in over 300 posssible color and pattern combinations.

Like the Siamese, the Oriental Shorthair personality is an outgoing and people-oriented. They are talkative, playful, acrobatic, and energetic. They do not like being left alone for long periods of time and should not be an "only child".


Photo Cat's registered name: GC Kuan Jins Sargent Pepper
Cat's call name: Sarg
Breed: Oriental Shorthair
Color: Ebony Classic Tabby
Date of Birth (mm/dd/yy): 03/12/2012
Sex: Male; neutered
Pet or show quality? Show
Registered with: CFA
Cat's location: Prospect, Kentucky
Home preferences: Dogs OK; no other cats.
Homepage where cat can be seen:!males/cpoe
Notes: Sarg is a retired stud, very loving, very playful, very kitten-like.

Contact Angela Christina Fox by:

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Phone  Telephone: 502-612-9920
Listing Expires: Feb 22, 2017

New Jersey

Photo Cat's registered name: CH Kattalyst Delightfully Buzzed
Cat's call name: Buzzbee, Buzzy
Breed: Oriental Shorthair
Color: Lilac Cream Lynx Point and White
Date of Birth (mm/dd/yy): 02/25/2015
Sex: Female; spayed
Pet or show quality? Show
Registered with: CFA, TICA
Cat's location: Central New Jersey
Home preferences: 1 or 2 other cats OK; dogs OK.
Homepage where cat can be seen:
Notes: Buzzy is a very sweet, beautiful girl who was recently spayed. She has the most delightful pastel coloring. She likes to sit on laps and also to play. She can be a little dominant, so would probably do best either as an only cat or with a goofy, mellow neuter. She is fine with small dogs as well.

Contact Julie Keyer by:

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Listing Expires: Apr 21, 2017


Photo Cat's registered name: Inksspots Electra of Practicalcats
Cat's call name: Electra
Breed: Oriental Shorthair
Color: Dilute Calico
Date of Birth (mm/dd/yy): 03/31/2015
Sex: Female; spayed
Pet or show quality? Pet
Registered with: CCA, CFA
Cat's location: Toronto, Ontario
Home preferences: No younger children (0-5); older children OK. 1 or 2 other cats OK; dogs OK.
Homepage where cat can be seen:
Notes: Electra is looking for a retirement home! Do you need a lap warmed? Electra's the girl for you. She's a young (about 1.5 years old) petite but long-limbed dilute (blue cream) calico, very very affectionate with people. She is rather sensitive to environmental stressors (but she recovers quickly). She may take a little bit to get used to new friends, both animal and human, but loves them afterwards. She wants a house where she can get plenty of attention, and maybe have a friend or two. She gets along well with polite cats and will tolerate polite dogs. She's a little insecure with particularly pushy or dominant cats (especially other girls) and tends to make a fuss if cornered. Electra does not do well with rapid changes of diet or with human foods, and will easily get an upset stomach from that. As she is a sensitive soul, we're looking for a local home for her (within driving distance of Toronto's GTA) so that she can avoid the added stress of flying.

Contact Stephanie Jackson by:

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Listing Expires: May 16, 2017


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