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Retired Friends: Persian

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Cat Breed Description

The Persian cat breed, probably the most well-known. iconic, and easily recognized cat breed. Persian cats are available in a veritable rainbow of colors and patterns.

The Persian personality a docile, gentle, affectionate cat, excellently suited for an indoor life. Although placid, they are playful in their own way. Persians' long hair mats easily. Extensive daily grooming is required, at least 10-15 minutes per day, with a thorough one-hour grooming session weekly to keep the coat in good condition.


Photo Cat's registered name: Grand Champion Genesaqua To Infinity and Beyond
Cat's call name: Buzzy
Breed: Persian
Color: Blue and White Bicolor
Date of Birth (mm/dd/yy): 10/05/2012
Sex: Male; neutered
Pet or show quality? Show
Registered with: CFA
Cat's location: Rancho Santa Margarita, California
Home preferences: No younger children (0-5); older children OK. Other cats or dogs OK.
Homepage where cat can be seen:
Notes: Buzzy is very loving and sweet and will run to me when I call his name. He is a lap cat. He doesn't like loud noises like the vacuum cleaner or the blower the gardeners use outside (he is an inside only cat). He is good about being groomed and with his bath. He is a very beautiful example of the Persian breed. Since the health of my breeding cats is extremely important to me Buzzy has had lots of testing to confirm that he is healthy. PCR testing and Leukemia testing when he entered my cattery. He has had two echocardiograms from a board certified cardiologist showing that he doesn't have any heart problems. He also has had a recent visit to my vets and blood work done to confirm he is healthy. Current with vaccines and deworming. He has never been sick in the three years that I have owned him.

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Phone  Telephone: 949-233-9853
Listing Expires: Mar 23, 2017


Photo Cat's registered name: Cleokat Liberty
Cat's call name: Liberty
Breed: Persian
Color: Tortoiseshell
Date of Birth (mm/dd/yy): 05/26/2011
Sex: Female; spayed
Pet or show quality? Show
Registered with: CFA
Cat's location: San Diego, California
Home preferences: No younger children (0-5); older children OK.
Notes: Retired gorgeous show girl- CFA Grand Champion Parents She is loving and sweet. 5 years old.Ready for permanent home. Indoors only. Loves to play. Easy keeper. Wonderful home habits. Very beautiful. Very happy all the time. Likes to cuddle. We live in San Diego.

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Listing Expires: Aug 10, 2017


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