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Retired Friends: Scottish Fold

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Cat Breed Description

The Scottish Fold cat breed is best known for its distinctive ears, which are folded forward and down, and by its large rounded eyes, which give it a sweet, wide-eyed expression. Their small, folded ears are unusually expressive, more so than an average cat's "normal" ears. They have soft, chirpy voices they do not use often.

The Scottish Fold personality is mellow and affectionate, although the activity level can vary depending on whether it has an ancestry of mostly-British Shorthair or mostly-American Shorthair; a Fold with more British ancestry will be more laid-back than one who's more American.

Buyers of these wonderful cats should be aware that some Scottish Fold cats are prone to problems of hardening cartilige. Show Scottish Folds are taught to accept handling of their tails as judges check for one of the clearer signs of this hardening -- stiffening of the tail. As this problem does not generally show up in young Scottish Folds, be sure to discuss this issue with the breeder and what guarantees the breeder will make against this condition in the future.


Photo Cat's registered name: Gc RW Casanova Mio Mio of Lynzkatz
Cat's call name: Casanova
Breed: Scottish Fold
Color: Red Tabby with White
Date of Birth (mm/dd/yy): 07/30/2015
Sex: Male; neutered
Pet or show quality? Show
Registered with: CFA
Cat's location: Central, Pennsylvania
Home preferences: Children of any age OK. Dogs OK; no other cats.
Homepage where cat can be seen:
Notes: Casanova is a sweet boy who enjoyed cat shows. He never had any interest in breeding girls. I had hoped to find him a home to show him neutered but have not so far, so we are looking for a pet home. He is a long haired fold so he does require being combed every day or so and hated being clipped, so we are looking for a home willing to keep his coat long.

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