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Scottish Shorthair/Straight

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This cat breed is recognized as a separate breed by the Australian Cat Federation (ACF) as the Scottish Shorthair and The International Cat Associaton (TICA) as the Scottish Straight. These are the straight-eared (pert-eared) progeny of Scottish Fold breedings, and thus share the characteristics of their Scottish Fold ancestry. For more information about this breed, please see the Scottish Fold breeder page. The Scottish Straight personality is identical to that of the Scottish Fold.

While all Scottish Fold breedings can result in both straight-eared and fold-eared kittens, "straight-ears" are considered part of the Scottish Fold breed in most other associations that accept the breed.

Scottish Straight kittens are available in the same wide variety of colors as the Scottish Fold.

Acceptance: The Scottish Shorthair cats is accepted for championship status in ACF and as part of the Scottish Fold breed group by TICA.



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