GC GP RW Tarantara's Dread Pirate RobertsI started the FBRL in November 1994 as a cross-listing of members of the Fanciers e-mail list, one of the earliest online communication forums for pedigreed cat breeders. It grew quickly into an advertising service -- so quickly that I ended up having to leave the free hosting where it was housed because I was running up their bandwidth. It began as a paid subscription service in 1998.

The mission of the FBRL is to provide responsible, registered cat breeders with an affordable, reputable advertising venue. The FBRL was built to address a need in the cat fancy for affordable advertising, even for the small-scale breeder. In 1998, the only options for national advertising were expensive line ads in print magazines that cost over $100 monthly for three lines and no pictures. While the FBRL is no longer the least expensive option on the market, it remains an economical choice with personal service, great features, and more than 25 years of solid reputation and experience. Unlike other pet services, the FBRL is and will always be dedicated solely to the pedigreed cat.

About the FBRL List Owner
I (Barb French) have operated the FBRL since it went live in November 1994. I am a former cat breeder, registered in CFA under the cattery name Tarantara, who bred and showed Somalis from 1993 to 2002 (pictured: GC GP RW Tarantara's Dread Pirate Roberts). In addition to the Somalis, I showed several breeds in Premiership, including Balinese (Javanese), Turkish Van, Norwegian Forest Cat, and Scottish Fold. I am currently owned by one disabled Maine Coon named Jackson, and two mixed-breed rescue cats, Alice and Clive.

Barb and Clive Being a cat breeder myself helped me develop the service into what it is today, catering equally to the breeder and the pet buyer. Retired Friends was added in 1996, growing out of my own frustration trying to find a home for a 3-year-old Somali. Most people didn't even realize that adult retirees from breeding and showing were even an option. Today, there are copycat services, but Retired Friends remains the pioneer.

It also helps me understand the needs and concerns of cat breeders, such as issues of privacy. I maintain solid connections with people across all assocations and consider myself an integral part of the cat fancy as a whole.

This is an amazing community, and I have had the privilege of serving the fancy for more that a quarter century. I look forward to serving you for many more years to come.
Five year badge
This designation is awarded to FBRL breeders who have maintained continuous listings with the FBRL for at least 5 years. It is not meant to imply any special status or seal of approval beyond that of a loyal customer to my website. I'm especially proud to have them as the backbone of this service!
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