Who may list cats with Retired Friends?
Only paid FBRL-listed breeders may list cats with Retired Friends. They may list up to 3 of their own retired cats, not cats belonging to friends. Cats must be currently living in their home and/or out of their own breeding. Some exceptions are made for listing rescues.

Basic policy review of the Retired Friends section of the FBRL
Retired Friends listings are free to any paid FBRL-listed breeder. While I ask that breeders only list up to 3 cats at any one time, all FBRL breeders may use the Retired Friends service as frequently as they like.

There is no hard time limit as to how long a Retired Friend may stay listed with the service. Listings are normally removed at the end of 6 months, but if you wish to extend the listing further just let me know.

The following lists basic ground rules of a listing:

Listed cats must be:
  • at least 10 months old at the time of listing (younger kittens may be listed under Litter Announcements)
  • spayed or neutered at the time they are listed
  • in good health and with appropriate temperament for a pet home
  • accompanied by a health guarantee
  • current on all shots
  • a pedigreed cat who was registered either individually or as a member of a registered litter with at least one major registry. This is not a board for advertising mixed-breed cats.
Variations to the ground rules listed above will be considered on a case-by-case basis. See below for various subprograms of Retired Friends to accommodate special needs cats.

No intact cats should be swapped through this forum. The purpose of this list is not a breeder exchange, but a pet home finder. Cats must be spayed or neutered at the time they are listed. Breeders violating this rule will have their Retired Friends listing privileges revoked permanently.

I reserve the right to edit entries to conform with overall style and stated policies of this list. For example, people may put things in the Notes section that I do not believe conform to list style or policy. If you have a complaint, write me and I will explain my reason for editing.
How often do you list Retired Friends?
New Retired Friends are posted periodically through the week.

What information is in a Retired Friends listing?
A Retired Friends listing gives facts about the cat, including name, breed, color, birthdate, sex, and home preferences, with a link to the breeder's listing. The Notes section may include a statement about the cat's personality and temperament. Remember -- the cats who place fastest are often the ones with the best Notes sections. Make it interesting!

I reserve the right to edit notes for clarity and brevity. I am also declaring a moratorium on "cute" misspellings -- no "purrsonal" or "purrfect", please! I WILL change those spellings when I get them.

Things I don't list:
  • any statements to their current shots, FeLV-negative status; good health, current veterinary care, and lack of health issues assumed of all cats listed except in cases of Special Friends. It should be redundant. If it isn't and I find out, that breeder will be subject to a review and may permanently lose Retired Friends listing privileges -- or even overall FBRL listing privileges.
  • "to a good home only" -- everybody wants that
  • prices: that's between you and your prospective "adoptive parent". I do not want anyone to mistake the purpose of this list or think that I personally am brokering cats. The FBRL does not broker animals and will NEVER get into that business.
The referral list does not publish home addresses. Location is identified only by country, state/province, or city/general location.

What are Special, Senior, and Rescued Friends?
Special Friends, Senior Friends, and Rescued Friends are subprograms of Retired Friends©. These are special designations for special cats, as follows:
  • Special Friends is for cats with special medical needs or physical problems requiring accommodation, medication, or special diets. It is not for cats who have debilitating, degenerative, or contagious illnesses or conditions that adversely affect quality of life. Age restrictions for Retired Friends are sometimes relaxed for Special Friends; please write and ask.
  • Senior Friends is for cats who meet all requirements for a Retired Friend, but are aged 8 years or older. This is to draw special attention to them and raise awareness that an older pet is not only a viable alternative, but might be a good choice for some families.
  • Rescued Friends is for pedigreed cats who have been rescued from bad situations. These cats must be purebred cats but may not be required to have intact papers (sometimes these are difficult or impossible to obtain in rescue situations), but otherwise meet qualifications of a Retired Friend.
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