American Bobtail CatsAdaptable, Sweet, Playful
At A Glance
Size: 8-15 lb (3.5-6.8 kg)

Grooming Needs: Semi-longhaired coat needs occasional grooming; shorthaired Bobtails need less.

Activity Level: Average

Social Needs: Strongly prefers companionship, both from people and other pets

Associations: American Bobtails are accepted in all USA/Canadian cat registries except CFF.

About The American Bobtail The American Bobtail is a naturally-occurring breed characterized by a short tail and wide variety of colors. They can be found in both shorthaired and longhaired varieties.

Males are larger than females, and have typical "male" features such as jowls. Their look is wild, but their temperament is good-natured and adaptable. American Bobtails are good family pets for a wide range of ages and get along well with other animals if properly introduced. They may be reserved initially, but quickly warm up to friends.
Did You Know? Many Bobtails are fascinated with shiny objects and create little hoards of "found treasure". Owners may wish to take extra care with keys or jewelry, or at least know where their Bobtails keep their stashes.

American Bobtail
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