Bengal CatsCurious, Playful, Athletic
At A Glance
Size: Average 8-15 lbs (3.5-6.8 kg). Some males may be larger.

Grooming Needs: Very low

Activity Level: High; love exercise

Social Needs: Do not enjoy being left alone

Associations: Bengals are accepted in all USA/Canadian cat registries.

About The Bengal Bengals are descended from crosses between the wild Asian Leopard Cat and domestic shorthairs. While they are most known for their dramatic, leopard-like spotting, they are found in a range of colors and patterns, each more beautiful than the last. Coat colors are described as glittered, rosetted, and pelted, all nods to their glamorous looks.

Well-bred Bengals are sweet, devoted, intelligent cats who get along well with pet playmates about their own size. Their high energy translates to a need for active play, and they will easily maintain their own weight if given plenty of indoor space for running and jumping. They thrive on attention. Due to their wild background and strong hunting instincts, they may not co-exist well with birds or small pets such as hamsters or lizards.

Important: As a hybrid breed, Bengals are illegal to own in some states or municipalities in the USA, as well as issues in Alberta and Saskatchewan. For up to date information about your location, please check Hybrid Law.
Did You Know? SBT (Stud Book Tradition) Bengals represent at least four generations removed from Bengal-to-Bengal breeding. Pet Bengals from responsible breeders will be at least 4 generations removed from wild blood; cats closer to wild generations can make difficult pets.

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