Birman CatsLoving, Easygoing, Sweet
At A Glance
Size: 8-12 lbs (3.5-5.5 kgs)

Grooming Needs: Occasional grooming

Activity Level: Average

Social Needs: Does not like being left alone; does not do well being an "only" pet

Associations: Birmans are accepted in all USA/Canadian cat registries.

About The Birman The Birman is a semi-longaired colorpointed breed with "gloves and laces" -- four white feet with markings that are very precise in show-quality cats. It's also known as the Sacred Cat of Burma, but despite fanciful legends of its origins, Birmans can trace their modern ancestry to early 20th century France.

Birmans are docile, people-oriented, and somewhat nosy, enjoying being around people with whatever they are doing. Although generally quiet, they are strong communicators when they need affection, nudging a hand or interrupting whatever you're doing to get a pat. Birmans do best when kept with other pets and aren't fussy about their friends' species.
Did You Know? Birmans (along with some other breeds) have names beginning with a specific letter for the year they were born (A in 2003, B in 2004, etc). Other breeds use this French convention, but unlike some of those, Birmans don't skip problematic letters such as X or Q -- in fact, 2019 was a Q year.

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