Burmilla CatsCalm, Affectionate, Discerning
At A Glance
Size: 7-14 lbs (3-6 kg)

Grooming Needs: Some brushing helpful to deal with shedding

Activity Level: Laid-back

Social Needs: They enjoy companionship and do not enjoy being left alone for long periods.

Associations: The Burmilla is accepted in all USA/Canadian cat registries except CFF.

About The Burmilla The beautiful Burmilla originated by crossing Burmese with chinchilla Persians to create a gorgeous pattern and coat. Available in both shorthaired and longhaired varieties, the Burmilla is dramatic only in looks. This easygoing cat is a wonderful companion.

Burmillas are affectionate and sweet, but often choose one person as "theirs" in the family. They thrive in calmer households, and can get along well with pets of their own activity level and temperament.
Did You Know? Burmillas began as an "oops" breeding between a male chinchilla Persian and a female lilac Burmese back in 1981. The results of this happy accident were so beautiful that a new breeding program was born.

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