Chartreux CatsAmiable, Gentle, Adaptable
At A Glance
Size: 7-16 lbs (3-7.25 kg)

Grooming Needs: May need regular combing during shedding season

Activity Level: Quiet and mellow

Social Needs: Needs regular companionship

Associations: Chartreux are accepted in all USA/Canadian cat registries.

About The Chartreux Known for its deep blue, woolly coat, brilliant orange eyes, and smiling expression, the "smiling cat of France" is a sturdily-built cat. They mature slowly, reaching full development between 3 and 5 years of age.

Chartreux are sweet-natured, companionable cats who get along well with children and pets. They enjoy short bursts of play, particularly with their families. Many breeders and owners describe the Chartreux as "polite", with a deeply innate sense of order and proper behavior, even taking turns when playing. They are remarkably deft for such a solid cat, with nimble paws and quick movements.
Did You Know? The Chartreux is one of the oldest cat breeds; their name likely comes from a type of 18th century Spanish wool called "la pile des Chartreux". There is both literary and artistic evidence of the Chartreux dating back as far as the 16th century. However, the first Chartreux didn't arrive in the United States until 1970.

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