European Burmese CatsFriendly, Playful, Outgoing
At A Glance Personality:
An extrovert par excellence, the European Burmese is the life of any party.

Grooming Needs: Low

Activity Level: Moderate to high

Social Needs: Loves attention, enjoys human and pet companionship

Associations: European Burmese are accepted in all USA/Canadian cat registries. They are registered as Foreign Burmese in CFF and CCA-AFC.

About The European Burmese The European Burmese is an elegant cat bred in ten colors: brown, chocolate, blue, and lilac, red, cream, and brown-tortie, chocolate-tortie, blue-tortie, and lilac-tortie. It has a more moderate build and facial type than the regular Burmese breed, but bears similarities in personality.

European Burmese are a wonderful companion for all ages and get along well with other pets. They can be demanding, and when they want attention they may get right up in your face to let you know! Curious and a little too smart for their own good, Eurpopean Burmese can learn to open drawers and cabinets to explore. They can provide years of entertainment, as they are a healthy, long-lived breed.
Did You Know? Like the Burmese, the European Burmese traces its ancestry back to Wong Mau, a cat who arrived in San Francisco in 1930 and is the foundation cat of all Burmese today.

European Burmese
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