Exotic CatsCuddly, Loving, Sweet-Tempered
At A Glance
Size: 7-14 lbs (3.1 - 6.3 kg)

Grooming Needs: More grooming required than you might think

Activity Level: Docile but playful

Social Needs: Loves social time with family of all species

Associations: Exotic Shorthairs are accepted in all USA/Canadian cat registries. Exotic Longhairs are accepted in every association except CFA.

About The Exotic The Exotic has the body and head type of a Persian, but can sport either a short or long coat. It is bred in a veritable rainbow of colors and patterns, including the Himalayan-type colorpoints. The plush fur on the Shorthairs is not maintenance-free, as it can shed heavily and may need regular combing to remove dead hair (it isn't quite the "lazy man's Persian" it's often advertised to be). Longhaired Exotics require regular grooming to keep their extravagant coats from forming painful mats. Exotics also require regular eye and face washing, as eye tearing can cause staining. Sensitive to extreme heat, Exotics do best in cooler homes and should be kept indoors only.

Exotics are docile yet playful, with quirky habits that will keep their fortunate admirers entertained. They have soft voices, and enjoy sitting on laps and enjoying the refined comforts of home. They can be a little reserved with strangers, but warm up once they get to know you.
Did You Know? Despite the fact that Persians are one of the oldest breeds around, Exotics are a relatively new invention of the cat fancy, dating back only to the 1950s. They began as an experimental cross between American Shorthairs and Persians, and the mating more clearly favored their Persian parents in type. The original name proposed for the breed was "Sterling", since the first breed standard called for them to be silver only.

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