Himalayan CatsCalm, Sweet, Gentle
At A Glance
Size: 7-14 lbs (3.1 - 6.3 kg)

Grooming Needs: High. Needs regular grooming to keep luxurious coat from matting.

Activity Level: Low to moderate

Social Needs: Loves interaction

Associations: Himalayans are accepted in all USA/Canadian cat registries. In most associations, it is considered a color division of the Persian rather than a separate breed.

About The Himalayan Himalayans have the stocky body type, long hair, and placid temperament of the Persian, with the colorpointed patterns and colors of the Siamese. They have relatively flat faces and large round, blue eyes. Regular eye wiping helps keep the eye tracks free of staining. They also require regular grooming up to several times a week to keep their extravagant coats in good condition. Fortunately, Himalayans trained from early kittenhood to accept regular grooming can come to enjoy it and view it is their special attention time.

Docile doesn't mean inactive -- Himalayans love to play with their human family and other pets. They are often very curious about what you're doing and want to offer their help and supervision.
Did You Know? While Himalayans were originally bred to Siamese to get their beautiful coloring and patterns, Siamese cats have not been used in responsible Himalayan breeding for decades. Anyone trying to sell you "Siamalayans" or any kind of Siamese/Persian/Himalayan "mix" is selling random-bred cats, not true Himalayans.

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