Khaomanee CatsConfident, Affectionate, Mischievous
At A Glance
Size: 8-10 lbs (3.5-4.5 kg)

Grooming Needs: Low

Activity Level: High

Social Needs: Must have human and feline companionship - best kept in pairs or more

Associations: Khaomanee are accepted in all USA/Canadian cat registries except CFF. It is in registration status only for ACA.

About The Khaomanee The Khaomanee is a native breed of Thailand. There is nothing extreme about the Khaomanee (except its charm): medium body, medium build, and medium type. Known as the "White Gem", a translation of their Thai name, Khaomanee have short, white fur and three different jewel-tone eye colors: gold, blue, and odd-eyed (one of each color).

Khaomanee are people-centered, curious, and inclined to good-natured mischief. They are intelligent and can be taught to play fetch and learn simple tricks. Like most of the Asian breeds, Khaomanee do not thrive being alone and need playmates of their own activity level.
Did You Know? Despite being considered a "new" breed in the West, Khaomanee are another very old breed in their home country. Tamra Maew (The Treatise On Cats), a book of Thai poetry describing types of cats, mentions the "white gem" cat as one of their auspicious breeds in copies dating back to the mid-14th century. The original may have been even older.

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