Who can submit a Litter Announcement?Only current, paid subscribers to the FBRL may list a Litter Announcement. Litter Announcements will link to their regular FBRL listing for full contact information. If you are not a current member in good standing, please go to the Add Your Cattery page.

How much does a Litter Announcement cost?As of January 1, 2010, Litter Announcements are free to paid subscribers.

How many litters can I list at once?Each breeder may list up to 3 current litters at one time. This is 3 total, not 3 per breed.

May I list more than one litter in a single Litter Announcement?No. A Litter Announcement lists one litter of one breed, with one set of parents.

How long will my Litter Announcement run? When do I know it is about to run out?Each Litter Announcement will carry an expiration date so you will know when it is due to expire. Litter Announcements will run for three months and will be removed when their date expires. If you wish to extend a Litter Announcement, you will need to pay attention to your own expiration date and email a request for the announcement to be extended. I will not be sending out renewal notices.

How often will you list Litter Announcements?New Litter Announcements will be posted 3-5 times a week.
What information will a Litter Announcement contain?The Litter Announcement will list the posting date, breeder's name, cattery name, location, breed, names and colors of parents, date of birth, and a short free-form section for information about the breed itself. It will link to the breeder's FBRL listing for full contact and general cattery information. It will also list an expiration date.

I will not include prices in Litter Announcements. I do not list prices because I do not want to give people the impression that the FBRL sells cats or kittens directly. Prices are between you and the buyer.

How can I change an existing listing?If you made a mistake on your Litter Announcement and need to fix it, or you need to change information, just send me an email.

In what order will you list Litter Announcements?Litter Announcements will be listed in order by location first. If there is more than one Litter Announcement in a location, I will list in alphabetical order by the breeder's last name.

Will people be able to see that I have a Litter Announcement from my main listing?People viewing the main FBRL breeder listings will see a Litter Announcement button on the main listing of anyone who has a posted Litter Announcement. They will be able to click this button to see the announcement, and clicking the "Contact Information for (Cattery)" link will take them back to your main listing.
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