Lykoi CatsActive, Smart, Loyal
At A Glance
Size: 5-10 lbs (2-3-4.5 kg)

Grooming Needs: Variable - coat changes constantly

Activity Level: High

Social Needs: Needs human and animal companionship

Associations: Lykoi are accepted in ACFA, CFA, and TICA.

About The Lykoi Lykoi are fondly referred to as the "werewolf cat" for the natural mutation that gives them their unusual appearance. Their salt-and-pepper black and white fur pattern, called black roan, is currently the only color accepted for show by all associations. The hair looks wiry, but it's soft to the touch. The sparse fur pattern is caused by a complete lack of undercoat, so only the guard hairs grow. A Lykoi's coat changes -- one week they may have a full coat of hair, and then they'll drop all or most of it, regrowing it within a couple weeks. They will always lack hair on their chin, muzzle, backs of ears, nose, and around the eyes.

Lykoi have a strong hunting instinct, and use this intelligence in play and problem-solving. They can be happy off playing by themselves, until they get tired and need a lap to curl up on. They tend to be reserved at first with new people or animals, but will warm up once they know the newcomer isn't a threat to home and hearth.
Did You Know? Lykoi skin color is naturally pink, but it will turn black after a few days' exposure to sun or heat.

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