Manx CatsClownish, Fun-Loving, Affectionate
At A Glance
Size: 7-13 lbs (3.1-6 kg)

Grooming Needs: Low to medium. Longhaired Manx may require a bit more grooming.

Activity Level: Moderate

Social Needs: Enjoy being around people and other pets

Associations: Manx are accepted in all USA/Canadian cat registries. Longhaired Manx are called Cymrics in all associations except CFA.

About The Manx Manx cats are tailless cats thought to have originated from the Isle of Man. The "Manx gene" that causes the taillessness can actually produce tails of various lengths, from "longie" (normal), "stumpy" (short) and "rumpy" (tailless). Manx are stocky and rounded in appearance, and are found in a wide range of colors and patterns. They can also have short or semi-long hair.

Manx are playful, adaptable, and loving, staying active well into their senior years. Playing fetch and carrying toys around are favorite hobbies of many Manx. They have powerful hindquarters with unusually long back legs, which makes them excellent jumpers. They are loving with their families and good with other pets, but they can be initially shy with strangers.

Healthy Manx should not walk stiffly or hop when they walk. Poorly-bred Manx may exhibit issues with spinal defects that can have a number of unwanted side effects, including problems with eliminating. Never purchase a Manx kitten who exhibits any signs of being unable to move normally.
Did You Know? A common urban legend surrounds the "Cabbit" -- a cat/rabbit hybrid. So-called Cabbits are Manx cats, or cats exhibiting the Manx tailless trait. There is no such thing as a Cabbit, as cross-breeding cats and rabbits is genetically impossible.

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