Minuet CatsPersonable, Sweet, Docile
At A Glance
Size: 5-9 lbs (2.25-4 kg)

Grooming Needs: Moderate - 1-2 times per week is best

Activity Level: Moderate

Social Needs: Needs human and pet companionship

Associations: This breed is accepted as the Minuet in TICA and the Napoleon Cat in CFF and ACA.

About The Minuet/Napoleon Cat The Minuet/Napoleon Cat is a short-legged breed with a domed head, moderate muzzle, and round, expressive eyes. "Round and sweet" are the overall impression a well-bred Minuet should make. This is a hybrid breed created from breeding together Munchkin cats with Persians, Himalayans, and Exotics, and are bred in all the colors and patterns of these breeds. Their heavier boning provides good support for their short legs.

Minuets/Napoleon Cats inherited the friendly, sweet-natured personality of their parent breeds. They do enjoy energetic playtime with toys and family, but they also love cuddling with their favorite people. Curious by nature, they may need to see what everyone is up to at all times of the day.
Did You Know? The Napoleon Cat is the original name of the breed, but members of the French cat fancy objected to the name because it perpetuates the myth that Napoleon Bonaparte was unusually short (he was of average height for an early 19th century man). TICA chose to rename the breed Minuet, while other associations have retained the Napoleon Cat name.

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