Munchkin CatsSociable, Affectionate, Clownish
At A Glance
Size: 5-9 lbs (2.25-4 kg)

Grooming Needs: Low to moderate, depending on hair length

Activity Level: Moderate to active

Social Needs: Needs companionship of people, gets along well with other pets

Associations: Munchkins are accepted by ACA, CFF, and TICA.

About The Munchkin Munchkins are a medium-sized short-legged breed found in a wide variety of colors and patterns and in both short and long hair. While there has been concern that the short legs may result in spinal problems, the Munchkin has been a healthy breed with no specific problems linked to this trait. However, responsible breeders breed short-legs to long-legs to avoid doubling up on the gene.

Don't let the short legs fool you; they're speedy and energetic. While they aren't high jumpers, they're good at figuring out paths to get them up to where they want to go. Munchkins love toys that present a mental challenge, such as puzzle toys that dispense a treat reward. When they're done flying around the house, they'll find a convenient lap for a well-deserved rest.
Did You Know? Munchkin or Magpie? Many Munchkins love to find and hide treasures around the house. Their curiosity and love of exploring may lead them to finding things you never knew you even had!

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