Peterbald CatsElegant, Graceful, Engaging
Peterbald Cats At A Glance
Size: 6-12 lbs (2.7 - 5.4 kg)

Grooming Needs: Low; may need occasional bath with a warm cloth to remove excess skin oils

Activity Level: Moderately high

Social Needs: Needs human companionship and enjoys other pets

Associations: Peterbalds are accepted in ACA, ACFA, CCA-AFC, and TICA.

About The Peterbald Peterbald are graceful, muscular, foreign-bodied cats with long legs and fine to medium boning. They have a long, whippy tail, oval feet, wedge-shaped heads and warm "chamois-like" skin. They are found in a wide range of colors and patterns, including colorpoint. They are descended from outcrosses between the Donskoy, Oriental, and Siamese breeds. Peterbalds are unrelated to Sphynx, as the gene causing hairlessness is different. Some may retain some soft, wavy fur, particularly when young or if the house becomes too cold.

Peterbalds have similar personalities to their Oriental and Siamese forebearers: active, outgoing, and playful. Adventurous and curious, they love being in the middle of everything to "help" wherever they can. If left alone, they must have energetic feline friends to play with to keep them happy.

Just because they lack hair does not mean Peterbalds are hypoallergenic. They still produce the protein that causes allergic reaction through their skin and saliva. Despite lacking a coat, Peterbalds still produce the oils necessary to maintain one, which is why they need occasional baths.
Did You Know? Peterbalds are intelligent and can be taught to walk on leashes, but owners who choose this activity must apply sunblock to prevent painful burns if they plan to go outside. They also get cold easily, so kitty sweater fashion is all the rage with the Peterbald set.

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