Pixiebob CatsLoyal, People-Oriented, Easygoing
Pixiebob Cats At A Glance
Size: 8-22 lbs (3.6-10 kg)

Grooming Needs: Low; more grooming for semi-longhaired cats

Activity Level: Moderately active

Social Needs: Not a loner by nature - needs their "pack"

Associations: Pixiebobs are accepted in ACA, ACFA, CCA-AFC, and TICA.

About The Pixiebob Pixiebobs are medium to large, heavy-boned and muscular cats who can be naturally polydactyl (more toes than standard 5 front/4 back). Their double coats can be short or semi-long, and can be patterned with spots, broken bars, or rosettes. One of their most delighful features is their bobbed tail, which can vary in length.

Pixiebobs are devoted and affectionate, enjoying being near (though not usually on) their favorite family members. They can get along well with other pets, folding them into their pack with everyone else. Intelligent and trainable, Pixiebobs enjoy outings and can be trained to enjoy walking on a leash and harness or riding in the car.
Did You Know? Despite rumors to the contrary, Pixiebobs are not crossbreeds between domestic cats and bobcats. While their conformation resembles that of a bobcat, Pixiebobs lack any genetic markers of wild blood. They are wild in looks only.

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