Ragamuffin CatsSweet, Adaptable, Adorable
Ragamuffin At A Glance
Size: 10-20 lbs (4.5-9 kg)

Grooming Needs: Moderate; some cats may require more grooming depending on coat length

Activity Level: Mellow but playful

Social Needs: Enjoy human and pet companionship

Associations: Ragamuffins are accepted in all USA/Canadian cat registries except TICA.

About The Ragamuffin Ragamuffins are large cats with a soft, rabbit-like, medium to medium-long, mat-resisting coat. The eyes are very large and walnut-shaped which, coupled with a puffy whisker pad, give the cat its distinctive sweet look. They are bred in all point and patterns traditionally found in the Ragdoll, as well as nontradition colors and patterns.

When legs turn into laps, can a Ragamuffin be far behind? Ragamuffins love to follow their people around, trying to beguile them with their sweet, kitten-like expressions. They have little fear of strangers, and are likely to appoint themselves the home greeting committee. They love other pets for company, but show a preference for their own kind and are best kept in pairs at the very least.
Did You Know? The Ragamuffin breed were almost named "Liebling", German for darling or sweetheart, but the name Ragamuffin was chosen to pay homage to its cousin breed, the Ragdoll.

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