Savannah CatFriendly, Adventurous, People-Oriented
Savannah Cat At A Glance
Size: 10-20 lbs (4.5-9 kgs)

Grooming Needs: Low -- may need some grooming during shedding season

Activity Level: Very active and playful

Social Needs: Love humans and other animals, though may need to match size and activity

Associations: Savannahs are accepted in CCA-AFC and TICA.

About The Savannah Savannahs are a hybrid breed of domestic cats and African Serval cats. Since this breeding is difficult to achieve, Savannahs remain a very rare breed. Their most striking features are a boldly-spotted golden, silver, or black smoke coat and tall, muscular build. Pet Savannahs should be at least 4 generations away from their most recent wild parent, as cats more closely related to wild blood can make difficult pets.

Loyal and affectionate, well-bred Savannahs are happy cats who love to keep their people entertained with their athletic feats. Savannahs can also learn to play fetch, and many can be trained to walk on a leash and harness. They are adaptable and can fit into nearly any type of household, and will get along with other pets if raised with them. Since they retain a strong hunting instinct, the Savannah may not be suitable for homes with small pets such as gerbils and birds. This also translates to their love of being up high, and "stalking" family members for fun!

Important: As a hybrid breed, Savannahs are illegal to own in some states or municipalities in the USA, as well as issues in Alberta and Saskatchewan. For up to date information about your location, please check Hybrid Law.
Did You Know? Savannahs are one of the few breeds of cat that actively enjoys water. They will join owners in the shower, dunk toys in water dishes, and may even learn to turn on faucets to keep themselves entertained.

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