Scottish Fold CatSweet, Funny, Affectionate
Scottish Fold Cat At A Glance
Size: 6-13 lbs (2.7-5.9 kg)

Grooming Needs: Low for shorthairs, more regular grooming for longhairs, depending on shedding

Activity Level: Range from moderate to somewhat active

Social Needs: Need human companionship, can enjoy other pets

Associations: Scottish Folds are accepted in all USA/Canadian cat registries. Scottish Straights (straight-eared Scottish Folds) are accepted in ACA, CCA-AFC, CFA, CFF, and TICA. In CFA, they are a division of the Scottish Fold breed.

About The Scottish Fold Scottish Folds are best known for their distinctive ears that fold forward and down, accentuating a round head and large round eyes. They are bred in many different colors and patterns, although bicolors seem to be the most common. Their soft, small ears are unusually expressive, almost constituting an entire language for those who can read it. Those cats don't fold are known as Scottish Straights.

Scottish Folds can be outcrossed to either American Shorthairs or British Shorthairs, which can affect both looks and personality. Their base personality is mellow and affectionate, but they can be more clownish and active if their ancestry is mostly American, more laid-back if primarily British. They are devoted pets who enjoy being near their owners and supervising everything in the household. Many develop the curious habit of adopting very strange postures, such as sitting back on their tails in a "Buddha" pose, or flattening themselves out like little bearskin rugs.

Responsible Scottish Fold breeders only breed fold-eared cats to straight-eared cats, as doubling up on the fold gene can have negative effects as hardening of cartilage as the Fold ages. This can result in serious arthritis, cow-hocking, and tail stiffening. A well-bred Scottish Fold will have a flexible tail and no problems with its gait. Since this often takes months or years to develop, it pays to check out any Scottish Fold breeder carefully to be certain they are breeding to avoid these problems.
Did You Know? All Scottish Folds are both with straight ears, and not all will develop folded ones. At about three weeks old, breeders will begin to know which kittens will fold and which won't. Straight-ear Folds have all the same wonderful personality traits and are valuable to breeding programs.

Scottish Fold
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