Siamese CatEnergetic, Intelligent, Talkative
Siamese Cat At A Glance
Size: 5-10 lbs (2.25-4.5 kg)

Grooming Needs: Very low

Activity Level: High

Social Needs: Very high; must have companionship at all times, human and/or pet

Associations: Siamese are accepted in all USA/Canadian cat registries.

About The Siamese Siamese are long, slinky cats with wedge-shaped heads, large ears, and brilliant blue eyes. They are recognized by all associations in four colorpoint colors - seal, chocolate, blue, and lilac. Other colors are classified by some associations as Colorpoint Shorthairs. Those looking for the more moderate, rounded style should consult the Thai/Traditional Siamese page.

Siamese are athletic, playful, and sometimes too bold for their own good. They love to climb and be up high, whether that's on top of the bookcase or on a favorite person's shoulder. Full of opinions on every subject, they will have entire conversations with you as they are getting in the middle of whatever you're doing. Pet proofing is a must since they will get into everything, especially when hunting down favorite treats. Siamese do poorly being left alone and may become destructive; responsible owners who need to be away for periods will get at least one other cat of a similar activity level for company and play. Siamese are best kept in pairs, or more! Like all cats of its type, Siamese can be prone to dental issues.
Did You Know? All Siamese are both white and develop color as they grow up. It may take several weeks for a breeder to know for certain what colors they have. The colorpoints are actually a result of a temperature-sensitive enzyme that causes it to develop darker color on the cooler parts of its body.

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