Singapura CatOutgoing, Good-Natured, Mischievous
Singapura Cat At A Glance
Size: 4-8 lbs (1.8-3.5 kg)

Grooming Needs: Low

Activity Level: High

Social Needs: Thrives on attention from family and other pets

Associations: Singapuras are accepted in all USA/Canadian cat registries.

About The Singapura Singapuras are a petite package of charm and energy. They are only found in a single color, sepia agouti, which is a warm beige with a brown ticked pattern.

Singapuras are the smallest domestic cat breed, but don't let the tiny size fool you -- this cat has the heart of ten cats its size. The Singapura is a sturdy, curious, intelligent breed full of vigor and personality. They enjoy being the center of attention and being in the middle of everything going on in the household. Active and fun-loving, they remain kittenish until well into their senior years. They enjoy being part of a group and like having other feline friends for company and playtime fun.
Did You Know? While small, Singapuras aren't miniature or "teacup" cats bred artificially for small size. This is a natural trait of this breed.

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